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The Ultimate Find: 356 Roadster

Up on eBay is a 1960 Porsche 356 Roadster that had been parked in an airplane hangar in 1985 and left there for 24 years. The owner was 63 when he parked the car. The car appears to be complete and original, although a build sheet will need to be obtained to verify that the […]

The Only Porsche 911 Police Vehicle in the US?

It pays to be a police officer in Hoover, Alabama. They’re droppin’ it like it’s HOT in their drug bust Porsche 911. The Porsche 911 was being used to transport over $300,000 worth of cocaine when it was seized by police two years ago. Rather than auction it off, they decided to turn it into […]

“Outlaw” Porsche 356: The Ultimate Tough Customer

I have to admit, aside from a rare few 356 Speedsters, I’m really not an “antique” car guy. I’ve looked at thousands of old cars in my life, but they never really seem to do a lot for me. Some people love the history an antique car represents and long for the good old days […]

Giveaway Update: Link for Entries

Today we have a little different method for gaining an entry into our grand Porsche Giveaway. If you haven’t been keeping up, you can catch up on our Porsche 911 Cabriolet Giveaway here: Porsche Giveaway. Here’s what you need to do to gain an entry: Create a blog post on your site (or another […]

Dealership of the Century: Gran Prix Imports

This is a bit off the usual topic, but I have to jump on the Compliment Soapbox for a minute and talk about Gran Prix Imports in Wilsonville, Oregon. I just swung by there to ask Jay Bernard, their Service Manager, a couple of Ferrari questions. I took my daughter with me who is absolutely […]

Tempting Porsches #9

I have two for this round. Both are pretty amazing cars, but a bit on the higher end. Thanks to Joe for getting the first one below on the radar. Tempting Porsche #1 The first is a 2006 911 Carrera 4S that Joe, one of our fine readers, sent our way. The car looks […]

Uber Porsche Geek Stuff

I was on the Porsche site yesterday looking for something for a post and stumbled across some sweet Porsche downloads. Each model (at least in the 911 lineup) has a Gallery section where you can download different lifestyle and motion images of the car in various sizes. Now I know this is hinting at what […]

Porsche Panamera Pricing Info and Interior Shots

In case you haven’t come across these on another car site, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Panamera shots to date. Jury is still out for me on the Panamera. It does promise to be a great ride in true Porsche fashion, but I suppose, like most people, I am initially adverse towards […]

911 Turbo “Predator”

Alright, don’t mock me. Another commercial. I have only one excuse reason: It’s a 911 Turbo…………

Porsche Weekly Wrap

Porsche World Roadshow in Dubai – The Porsche World Roadshow went back to Dubai this month and had all of its 2009 models in tow. The 10 day event gave about 400 customers the chance to experience each Porsche to its fullest. Sounds like a pretty sweet event. [Via] Oregon Man’s Electric 914 – […]