911 Turbo “Predator”

Alright, don’t mock me. Another commercial. I have only one excuse reason: It’s a 911 Turbo…………


  1. No substitute.

  2. Man, I could have used more than 17 seconds of that car.

  3. I have to admit I had no intention of buying a Porsche anytime soon but these videos are awfully good advertising. Keep them coming!

  4. i would’ve like to hear more of the growl of the car, but they did that so i’ll come back for more

  5. Is this or the other 911 video on youtube? Did a search but could not find anything.

  6. Ahh nice! Wish it was a longer though! Did they have this one made for the super bowl? 🙂

  7. just a little taste. I love those beasts

  8. Nice video. The Turbo is the greatest.