Modern Day Speedster

I’m not usually much for retro cars nor replicas. The classic autos that I actually like, which is few and far between unless you consider cars from the 80’s to be classics (ouch!), I pretty much only like the original versions of. Replicas feel like “what’s the point” to me. Kind of like drinking decaf coffee.

However, after coming across the PGO web site, and their Speedster II, I may have found an exception to those feelings. This is one sexy beast from a French car manufacturer. Classic styling with a contemporary twist.

PGO’s two founders, Prévôt Gilles and Olivier, got their start about 25 years ago building replicas on a very small production scale. In 1998 they decided to build a prototype of a “completely new and exciting car” for the 2000 Paris Auto Show. It was the Speedster II. This presentation propelled them to car manufacturer status. They ended up adding 2 more models to the line up and have ramped up production.

The Speedster II, as well as the other 2 models, all follow the philosophy mentioned above. The cars are based on the Porsche Speedster styling while providing a modern take on the lines, equipment and creature comforts. One of the things I love about PGO’s cars is they have maintained strong ties to the original styling from the 50’s and 60’s. Every time I look at their cars, I’m reminded of an Outlaw 356.

The cars look quite a bit shorter to me than the original Porsche Speedster, but at 151 inches they’re less than 5 inches shorter than the longest first generation Speedster (which was 152-156 inches). I suppose the biggest reason is the shorter hood and longer rear end. It’s more split proportionally than the original Speedsters.

It’s 138 hp engine (I think they’re using Peugot engines) propels the 2156 pound car from 0 to 62 mph in about 7 seconds. Not bad for a Speedster. On that note, that’s always been one of my beefs with replicas. Since you don’t have anything original, why not give your ride a little more juice. Course I’m also the guy that would drop a turbo into a 356 Outlaw and be dang happy.

All in all, these are cool cars. Nothing available in the States yet that I can see. I’m sure that’s just a matter of time though. Check out the PGO web site for more info and pictures: PGO Automobiles.

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  1. AWESOME!! I actually like the idea of retro mod …But it is a scary thing for a designer to do because you will be scrutinized even by the people who accept retro mod if you don`t pay homage the right way…I think this was very well done!…I am saying that before i check out the site!
    I would love to see Porsche get behind their own retro mod of the Speedster!!!

  2. That is a cool looking car from the front. I like it and hope it shows up in the states someday.

  3. That is one great looking ride. It is reminiscent of an Outlaw – very cool. While it would be nice to see some super performance under the hatch the speedster (unlike its name) always seemed like much more of a cruiser type car to me. Something you’d see driving the strip at Seaside that would stop you in your tracks. PGO’s Cevennes looks pretty neat too. Good find.

  4. really is a nice looking car but i wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to come to u.s.

  5. hate replicas,but this one isn’t claiming to be a porsche.

  6. Gorgeous car, I think that they should bring this across the pond for the US to enjoy. I think it an honoring replica!

  7. hate replicas

  8. Not feeling this car. Probably fun to take for a spin.
    But they’re companies out there trying so good for them.
    Someone out there will really enjoy this car.

  9. mitchell says

    its not bad for show, but something im not too interested in.

  10. Ugly IMO.

  11. Seems most hate replicas, But i think they have their place. Some are poor copies and those i have no interest in either as well.

    But there are some cars out there that the originals are so scarce, so prized as well, That cost is prohibitive in either acquiring it, or ,even if you do have the means, The thought of risking it to drive daily or frequently seems ludicrous. At that point the originals are show and museum pieces and no more for driving and are trailered to pebble beach lol.

    Look at the Cobra, The most reproduced replica there is. Sadly you see people buy these and do a shoddy tribute to the original, But they have the car for fun so who really cares….But i have seen replicas of the Cobra that are so close and precise to the original and have a lot of money and effort into as well, That you cant help but to respect the tribute to the original and be amazed at.

  12. Looks like we have some hardcore Porsche fans here, which is great because I am also a die-hard Porsche fan. But I wouldn’t mind this car in my garage as a second car if I had a 911.

  13. I’d love one with or without a 911 next to it Jeff.

    @Joe – I understand that it looks a bit like a mix between a VW Bug and a Lexus SC, but do you really think it’s just plain ugly?

  14. Put a more respectable power plant in this and I might change my mind about replicas. I’m guessing the reason why you can’t get it here is for the same reason why you can’t get most French cars in the U.S. – safety and/or emissions standards

  15. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    this is the millionth post i look at. where did the jeremy v bookie fight go!

  16. @ Andrew, I guess replicas just aren’t my cup of tea. Not that impressed with the stats either..

  17. to me that looks like what ford did with the mustang, brought back the original look with a modern touch

  18. I think its really rather pretty…is that too girly of a word for a porsche?

  19. @James – All the car makers seem to be going that route now – with the Mustang, Camaro & Challenger. I’m sure I’m missing some here. Dodge, in my opinion, is doing the best job of it. I love the old muscle car styling of the new Challenger, but I digress. Back to Porsches!

  20. at the end of the day it will always just be a replica.

  21. Porsche purists probably looking for a rope to lynch me with after this, But i would LOVE to see Porsche get into retro mod with , Lets say the 550! Not just slapping a badge on a Boxster or something like that, I mean NEW/OLD 550 from scratch. They could use the Boxster platform…The rest is body design, Like Andrew said, Even the redo`s of the musclecars are doing well with that! Andrew, I think the challenger is the better effort too! As long as its the SRT8 !

  22. everyone who’s wishing Porsche would do a retro model, I kinda think every new version of the 911 is in some ways exactly that – look at the 1st 911 all the way up to the newest 997, there’s always a strong resemblance.

  23. The only thing though bookie is that the great 911 never went away, It has perpetuated itself.

    But what about those models that were made in such limited numbers in the 50`s etc. ? ..and they did go away

    Take the 550 , True there are current modern era Porsches that take cues….But would love to see a retro mod of that for those of us who cant possess one of the rare few that are now museum pieces. A factory reproduction available of an original that can be driven daily.

  24. good point r.b.,new 911s do look a lot more like 50’s models than 70’s/80’s models did.

  25. would still look pretty in my driveway.

  26. This is ugly by VW standards and is nothing like the original Speedster! The real beauty of the original Speedster is its simplicity!!!! Not just it’s simple lines, but it’s simple flat four air-cooled engine configuration and its availability of parts the world over make the replicas(VW based) one of the most practical cars to drive if you don’t need a truck or ever want to haul more than two sets of golf clubs(in the front seat). Why would anyone want to own a French made auto with a Peugot engine and 5″ smaller than the original, when you can own a replica tub that will fool everyone at a glance and you don’t have to speak French to find parts!!!


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