Happy 4th of July From AutobahnBound.com!

For those of us living in the States, it’s a great day to celebrate our freedom and the great country we live in. Happy 4th of July! Be safe out there! [Image Source: RGT3 Pics]

Coming Supercars Video Features Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and Acura NSX

Came across this video today on YouTube and found it particularly riveting. It’s a summary video by MotorTrend’s The Downshift and features the following über supercars: Ferrari LaFerrari Porsche 918 Spyder McLaren P1 Acura NSX You need to check this out. Watch it the HD version in full screen and turn up the sound for tracked […]

A Driver’s Car Collection

I’ve always said that I don’t think I could own cars I couldn’t drive and enjoy whenever I had the unction. The same applies to the watches and pens I’ve managed to collect over the years. I cycle through everything on a regular basis and just enjoy the heck out of them. That’s why the […]

Random Ferrari Pictures

I happened to be on Flickr today, looking around at photos of Ferraris and happened on these. Not a bad way to end the work week! This first photo is just a straight up gorgeous Ferrari F430 Scuderia. One of my current favorite Ferraris. Photo by Axion23. I love the angle of this group shot. Photo by Eddy […]

Drive A Ferrari For Free (Or Close To It)

It’s no secret I have a fascination with the idea of driving an exotic car for free. “Free Ferrari” just has such a great ring to it! I wrote about an investment idea a few weeks ago (Forget Stocks! Invest In A Classic Porsche Or Ferrari!), and I swear I think about this topic at […]

4 Cars Take On The 200 MPH Mark

Most car guys are also speed freaks. At least the modern day car guys. That’s not to say there out breaking the law and driving dangerously on public roads. No, but many of them, if not most, do dream about the ultimate mark our modern day supercars chase after. Topping the 200 MPH mark. I […]

You Owe It To Yourself To Experience An Exotic Car

I recently came across a post on 9Magazine.com that got me thinking about the exotic car experience. The post, titled Everyone Should Drive a Porsche at Least Once, is a short, interesting read about the virtues of experiencing a car like a Porsche first hand, and hints at some of the thinking behind crazy Porsche […]

Forget Stocks! Invest In A Classic Porsche Or Ferrari!

Being a guy who loves expensive cars, I’m always trying to come up with a way to justify owning more of them. The practical side of me (as well as the good old bank account) can’t justify just spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest super car, even if money were no object. […]

Happy New Year & Some Ferrari Goodness!

I have to say, I love starting a new year. Like a clean slate mentally for me. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I thought I’d throw up this Ferrari sounds video I came across over the holiday break. Whether you’re a Ferrari fan or not, you can’t argue that these cars […]

Bugatti Veyron & Ferrari F40 Track Goodness

I’ll admit, I’m on a bit of an 80’s supercar kick here. Although I’m sprinkling in a Bugatti Veyron into the mix! These cars sound absolutely AMAZING! Especially the Ferrari F40. Both are filmed by a bystander on a track day. I could sit and watch cars like this lap around all day long.