Ugly Porsche: 359

Yes, you read it correctly.  I used the word “ugly” next to Porsche AND yes, I meant to type 359.  I debated about whether or not to post this, but then decided I owe it to all of you,’s fine readers, to share this finding, even if I think it’s uglier than a stock Cayenne.

This happens to be a 359 Porsche Roadster Kit built by Classic Motor Carriage.  It’s built on a shortened 1972 VW Bug chasis.  No engine.  Just $6000 or trade, but “no junk”.  Hmmmm.

Now I love the 356, and have been a fan of the 959 since it’s introduction, but putting them together like this looks like a Conan O’Brien “If They Mated” offspring gone horribly wrong.  I’m sure someone at Classic Motor Carriage had good intentions, but in my opinion, heads should roll for letting this one ever see the light of day.


  1. people pay for this kit??

  2. I agree that heads should roll. That thing is an atrocity! I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  3. That is ugly. They can keep it for any price.

  4. I thinks its great!!! If you want to jump start a vomit.

  5. Lol – just stumbled across this post again. Man that thing is BU (butt-ugly).

  6. waste waste waste

  7. I keep coming back to this post and that thing is still butt ugly, Take it down already 🙂

  8. is that a honda civic with a porsche logo?

  9. Phil Schneider says


  10. Hmmm, Love reading these posts. Got this car finished and your right heads should roll. Get stopped at every light. In the parking lot everywhere. Oh by the way…..entered it in my first car show and ya those great chevelle’s (one on every street corner, 57’s ya tons of those, and OH those mustang’s yup whooped them all……my car received the throphy for fan’ best liked. Yup butt ugly to some but it will make them head’s roll…..spin circles and look back on every street… try that with those 100’s of other cars that everyone owns and always takes to the shows. LOL

  11. Phil Schneider says

    still gross. although I wish that I could turn a wrench
    so you’re way ahead of me

  12. mitchell says

    isnt there another kit like this? i dont know the number, i just remember a friend of mine referring to it (as garbage, of course)…

  13. garbage

  14. Wayne Hoobler says

    Porsche guys are surely a stuck up pretentious lot of fools. I love how Porsche winds you up and tells you what to like and what not to like. I think this car is quite nice looking and would love to drive it. On the other hand I don’t think the 911 has ever been a good looking car, nor is any vehicle they currently produce. They look like a bunch of frogs in various stages of digestion.

  15. Got one of these myself (but red),, and just have a ton of fun with it. I get nothing but positive comments, at shows, stoplights and many photo op’s at gas stations. It is a great sunny day car, and I love to cruise the beaches and country roads. The styling is pretty unique for mid-80’s, and a flattering of the legendary 959. Kits like this allow for basic and affordable motorsports experience. I am always planning some way to modify or improve it. So, I am pretty happy with it, overall. OH,, and pretty girl’s dig it too,,,, so what am I missing ???

    • Dude, maybe we’re the ones that are missing something. why don’t you send in some pictures and a little writeup on your car. Would love to have another perspective.

    • Tyge Bogstad says

      I am actually building one of these kits right now. i was wondering if you would be willing to communicate a couple details about body. If anyone has any information email me at

  16. would i love to get one of these.
    i personally think a 356 is not complete.
    959s are unobtainable to most of us.

    cmc were crooks but there kits looked great. pity they were crooks


  17. Nick Pisano says

    I have to say i absolutely ADORE this car! at first glance i didnt, but now i really think this thing is awesome! I have literally never come across a Porsche made Porsche, and rarely do i hate tuner companies porsches, this thing is no exception, i love it! The styling is unique and sexy! Sign me up!

  18. best looking “Porsche” i have ever seen i want one

  19. i have a 359 porsche for sale has a mazda rotory in it it does not run its a sharp car

  20. got one for sale nice car i can send pics .very fun car not running.

  21. 359 for sale contact me for pics car is complete but needs work

  22. Zane Payne jr says

    I want all you 356, 911 diehard fans to listen to me!!!
    The older 911s are just a high end vw.
    356 needs a leaf sitting under it in a pond.
    928 gets no credit and is best riding porsche and plenty of torque and just rare and aesome car.
    This kit takes the bug eye 356 and gives it some curves.
    E eryone has a their own ideas of whats cool
    You 911 diehards are porsches worst fansssss.

  23. Internet trolls can’t possibly understand what it’s like to build something from a kit because they have no skill to do it. Rather they sit around and write negative garbage about some poor guys car cause maybe he can’t afford a million or two to buy a real 356 or 959 and got a good deal on that nice white one!


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