Mansory – Learn from the Swiss

It’s not a surprise with quality and designs like the one above that Mansory is one of Germany’s top tuners of Porsche cars. They have a broad range of capabilities that stretch from the subtle to a step above insane.

Mansory recently acquired Rinspeed’s Porsche tuning division. They have continued the tradition of Rinspeed quality and are still offering amazing customization programs for every Porsche in the current lineup. Here’s part of their corporate statement:

Traditionally MANSORY stands for sporty driving pleasure, exclusive design and progressive engineering. In line to this philosophy are also the customization programs of the MANSORY (Switzerland) AG for the Porsche models 997 Carrera and Turbo, 987 Boxster, 987 Cayman, 955 and 957 Cayenne. Our experienced team develops and produces high-end-refining in all disciplines of individual automotive engineering.

Probably one of Mansory’s wickedest creations to date is the Chopster. It’s based on the Cayenne Turbo S. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Carbon “as far as the eye can see”
  • Lowered roof line
  • 710 hp turbo engine with an optimized off-gas stream
  • Updated wheels, brakes and running gear
  • Interior design “without any limits”

In addition to the Cayenne kits they seem to be most recognized for, Mansory also offers a number of kits for other Porsche models. Like their watches, the Swiss know how to apply exacting standards and precision to just about anything.

Read more and see more pictures on Mansory’s web site:



  1. ryan i think you should have the 911 you are giving away tricked out by one of these places. maybe more people would enter the raffle =)

  2. i’d say that’s a little excessive on the carbon fiber. sure wouldn’t want to get in a wreck in that

  3. Damn, I cant keep up with all of the updates Ryan! Anyways, the kits look good, the Cayenne looks eh.

  4. I like the lines on this model, reminds me of a street racing car. Very sweet.

  5. The Cayenne’s look worse than “eh”

    The second one looks waaaaaay too ricer.

  6. These guys should make this into a reality show. Forget choppers, lets see one of these every episode

  7. Trick My Porsche.


  8. I`ll take the 911, I love the rear spoiler too!

  9. I like the chopster

  10. Had to come back for a second view

  11. look at the wheels on the Chopster. I mean no sidewall give at all!

  12. I like the wheels on the Chopster. Looks like a racin’ machine.

  13. mitchell says

    hmm, i’ll take a stock porsche any day.

  14. Nice cars!

  15. don’t care for the two-tone.

  16. some of the grill work also a little weird.

  17. These are nice cars, but not my style.

  18. people always want to change something.sometimes not for the best.

  19. I agree Maria, But that 911 is changed just enough to be tastefully done !

  20. I agree, this is a very tasteful creation.

  21. The GERMANS know how to apply exacting standards and precision to just about anything!

  22. Phil Schneider says

    bottom Porsche

  23. guess swiss just trying to show they don’t deserve their boring reputation.

  24. I really like the four door car!

  25. That chopster rocks for sure

  26. Galen Wood says

    that middle one is very classy.

  27. Now thats a Cayenne. Oh man. full carbon fiber with the orange, and with how low that baby sites. I’m not usually a fan of the suv’s but the cayenne just looks awsome when it is reworked. The CF version basically looks like a big, mean, a$$ kicking hatchback. to say the least. if i had the money to just drop, i’d buy one

  28. Mansort really makes the cars look very sporty.

  29. Laura Adams says

    I love the chopster.