Porsche Carrera GT All Terrain

It’s always funny to me what people with access to Photoshop, some cool pictures and too much time on their hands come up with. In this case, it’s what I’m calling the Porsche Carrera GT All Terrain Edition. What would be awesome is if we could talk some billionaire with too much money on his hands to build a few of these creations! I’m sure a few of us could free up enough time to get behind those projects.

Anyone have any idea what the caption says?

[Source: Finest.ru]


  1. anything that is truly ugly and engineered in an odd way looks all the more authentic when accompanied by writing in cyrillic – this is such an awesome cold-war throw-back

  2. I agree too much time on someone’s schedule. I think the caption says… “Experience 4-wheelin’ Porsche Style – No Barriers”

  3. I can’t read Russian, but maybe that’s their new military weapon. Germany and Russia joining forces to make super tanks.

  4. WHY? lol (this is becoming a standard response lately)

  5. It translates roughly to “Daily dose of Russian superiority!” That thing is ugly as hell, but I just can’t stop looking

  6. Looks like somebody has too much time on there hands.

  7. 🙂 Just some fun from the Russian (design/web studio finest.ru/eng/index.htm) fan of Porsche Carrera GT
    I think more correct translation is
    Everyday superiority – Russian style

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