New Panamera Spy Shots Thanks To 9 Magazine

9 Magazine posted spy shots yesterday of the new Porsche Panamera testing on the Nürburgring. Based on the shots, it looks like the Panamera will get a facelift, similar to the look of the new Porsche 911 that was officially announced last week. My first thought when seeing these was, “Already?!” Doesn’t seem like the […]

Ferry Porsche Pictured With A 356 Outlaw???!!!

Could this be the first ever 356 Outlaw, photographed well ahead of the previously thought beginnings of the Porsche Outlaw movement? Perhaps Ferry Porsche was indeed well ahead of his time. Before all manner of emails come my way correctly answering the question, you’re right, it’s impossible! For starters, the C Coupe was built 17 […]

Porsche Day at Allure Of The Automobile

Today was one heck of a great day in Portland. Not only was the sun shining, but over 70 Porsches showed up for the Allure of the Automobile’s Porsche Day. I’ve only been to about half of the Saturday showcase events each featuring different models, and this was the biggest turnout from the ones I’ve […]

All Exotic Car Wreck

This is what happens when rich people get their cars together. An ultimate exotic car crash. It seems that the driver in the gorgeous blue Bentley Azure tried to squeeze around a Mercedes S Class. She didn’t make it and ended up taking out not only the Mercedes, but an Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche 911 […]

How To Make Your Laptop 100x Faster

This cracked me up. I ran across this picture on an SQL Server blog. The editor, Steve Jones, decided he was tired of his slow laptop and wanted to speed things up. His solution is quite ingenious. Reminds me of the scene from Vacation where Clark Griswald forgets he’s tied grandma’s dog to the bumper. […] Photo Goodness

I always enjoy seeing what other Porsche, and even car, enthusiasts are posting about online. The magazine and portal destination sites are great, but some of my favorite sites to visit are the small ones run by people who just love cars. is one of those sites. I’m on their update list and knew […]

Porsche 911 Sighting

I always love seeing pictures of Porsches that readers snap while out and about. This Porsche 911 C4S is from James O. Love it on the snowy roads. Thanks James!

Sad Ending For A Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Read a couple of different stories about what may have happened here. How this thing made it anywhere is beyond me. One person said they actually saw the curb this car smashed into. You would think this kind of damage would happen ON the track. Not sure where the pictures came from. If anyone knows, […]

Porsche Every Day Site

The caption on the site says it all: “Porsche. Engineered for Magic. Every day.” How true is that?! I stumbled across the Porsche Every Day site a couple of days ago after watching a couple of cool new commercials they’ve been running on TV. The site is a collection of stories from Porsche owners and […]

Another Porsche Boxster In The Wild

Paul snapped this picture while down in Cali earlier this week, Burbank to be exact. Can’t imagine this is much of a daily driver, but still, gotta love it! Maybe when the rain lets up, all those Porsche Boxster Spyder owners in Portland will start showing off their cars.