Sad Ending For A Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Read a couple of different stories about what may have happened here. How this thing made it anywhere is beyond me. One person said they actually saw the curb this car smashed into. You would think this kind of damage would happen ON the track.

Not sure where the pictures came from. If anyone knows, leave me a comment so we can credit the person who snapped these.


  1. even flattened the rear tire, I want to know where the salvage auction is.

  2. Something is strange here…why would you have your car in this shape dumped in front of your house and not taken to a repair shop? There’s got to be an interesting story here.

    • @ Jay – That’s a good question. Kind of wondered the same thing, unless they hadn’t had it towed yet, and it’s sitting close to where it hit the curb.

  3. Auto Chick says

    Yikes that looks terrible! Although my car is not in that bad of condition, it does have a few scratches on it. I was wondering if anyone recommended a scratch remover that works well? I’ve been told that Quixx scratch remover does the job and I can easily pick it up at Walmart. I think I am going to try that out, but does anyone recommend anything else?