Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar

I remember as a teenager picking up a special edition book from Road & Track called Used Car Classics: A Guide to Affordable Exciting Cars. It provided detailed buying advice on 70 different models of used cars the average person could afford. Of course I bought it and went through it cover to cover. Several […]

Quixx Gives Your Car Some Surface TLC

For anyone who has ever had a new car, or even a new to you car in excellent condition, do you remember what it was like anticipating that first scratch, dent or door ding? My parents always bought new while I was growing up, so I remember going through that phase about every 3 or […]

Boost Your Testosterone By Driving A Porsche

I was running through some articles and links I had saved today and came across a post that made me laugh as much today as the first time I read it a couple of years ago. The post referred to a study conducted by a couple of fellas at Concordia University titled “The Effects of […]

Ultimate Porsche House

We’ve covered a few car houses over the years on AutobahnBound.com, with more than a few extremely zealous owners. This, however, is probably one of the most addicted owners I’ve ever read about. He loves his Porsche so much, he built his house with views of his beloved car in mind. Places to sit and […]

You Owe It To Yourself To Experience An Exotic Car

I recently came across a post on 9Magazine.com that got me thinking about the exotic car experience. The post, titled Everyone Should Drive a Porsche at Least Once, is a short, interesting read about the virtues of experiencing a car like a Porsche first hand, and hints at some of the thinking behind crazy Porsche […]

Happy Thanksgiving From Autobahn Bound!

Every year around Thanksgiving time, I set out trying to find a picture of a sports car with a turkey on it. I’d take pretty much any European car and even a cooked turkey in the passenger seat! Heck, this year I even lowered my standards to the point of looking for a bottle of […]

First Ever Porsche Design Tower

Not to be outdone by Asia, a US developer in Miami, Florida has teamed up with Porsche Design to create the Porsche Design Tower Miami P’0001. Similar to the Hamilton Scotts project in Singapore (Hamilton Scotts: The Ultimate Car Lover’s Apartment), the Porsche Design Tower provides elevator service for your car up to your own […]

Hamilton Scotts: The Ultimate Car Lover’s Apartment

There are a lot of takes on the garage. Everything from underground parking such as Hide-A-Porsche: Ultimate Underground Parking, to houses built to showcase and provide lots of space for your exotic rides like A Car Enthusiast’s Dream House. It’s not much of a leap to love some of these creations given most of our […]

PorschePerfect.com Becomes AutobahnBound.com

Nearly 4 years ago, I had the idea that it was time to fire up a blog following Porsche cars and start looking for my first Porsche. I found a great Porsche 911 Cabriolet that fulfilled a life long dream of owning a Porsche and renewed a passion for Porsche that has brought back a […]

Latest Porsche Museum Exhibit

  Leave it to Porsche to gather exhibits that intrigue, inspire and take you back to revisit some of the finest history any brand could ask for. The Porsche Museum recently announced they are preparing a new exhibit that will make it’s debut on September 4th. On display for just two months is a collection of […]