Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar

Porsche 911 The Practically Free Supercar BookI remember as a teenager picking up a special edition book from Road & Track called Used Car Classics: A Guide to Affordable Exciting Cars. It provided detailed buying advice on 70 different models of used cars the average person could afford. Of course I bought it and went through it cover to cover. Several times.

A fire of sorts started to burn…

Around the same time, I had a car fanatic buddy of mine who managed to drive all sorts of sports cars from Porsches to Corvettes to Alfa Romeos…even a Lancia…I adopted the belief that most car brands were within reach. Even the seemingly untouchable ones like Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini. Maybe not the Ferrari Daytona or Lamborghini Countach, but other models of Ferraris, for instance, were indeed within reach if you were patient and willing to embrace a less desirable model.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to buy a Ferrari 348ts for about the price of a run of the mill mini van. It was a great experience that I would happily repeat again. Maintenance costs were low and fun value was off the charts!

Not too many people have undertaken writing anything substantial about how to own a dream car for little to no more than the daily runabout you’re already driving. Thus I was pleasantly surprised when a copy of Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar showed up on my mailbox. The book details a number of different model Porsches, with a focus on the Porsche 911, that can be had for a reasonable price.

The book begins the reader’s journey with the author’s personal experience with Porsche and what propelled him to Porsche ownership. After a brief overview of Porsche, the author jumps into some practical exploration of what Porsche 911 model types might be suitable for undertaking driving a Porsche 911 for practically free. He even touches on a few other cars in the Porsche family that are great candidates for stepping into Porsche ownership.

A couple of sections I found particularly useful are “Can you afford your dream Porsche?” and “The best value Porsche 911.” In “Can you afford your dream Porsche?”, the author breaks down the logic behind the thrust of the book. I found it thought provoking and in line with some of my own feelings on car ownership, as well as how to consider driving your dream car.

“The best value Porsche 911” chapter builds on the previous by throwing out some hypothetical examples of 911s that could be safe bets for new owners. Practical advice on finding cars “out of favor” with the average Porsche enthusiast will help possibly expand your thinking on what cars might fit the profile of a good deal, leading to inexpensive ownership.

Posrche 911 sunset skyline

Aside from the practical information and approach to purchasing a Porsche 911 wisely (or potentially another Porsche model if that’s your pleasure), one of the most intriguing for me is the Running Costs section. Owners of three different model Porsches detail their experiences with Porsche ownership including costs, pitfalls, etc. I love reading stories of other people’s experiences to get an idea of how ownership of a particular model might go.

Lastly, the idea of an investment Porsche discussed in the Investment Potential chapter is one that always piques my interest. I find it fascinating (and sometimes mind boggling) that people can buy cars, tuck them away, and never enjoy them the way they were meant to be enjoyed. I have a fundamental belief that cars should be driven and enjoyed. That said, I know that’s not always practical/realistic with rare or historic cars. Still, the thought of a Porsche as an investment is an interesting one for me personally, and the book has a unique take on the subject that’s worth the read.

Overall, Porsche 911: The Practically Free Supercar is worth picking up, not only for the first time Porsche buyer, but also the seasoned owner. The principles in the book also apply to other supercar makes, so even if Porsche is not your cup of tea, you’ll find some interesting and useful information in the approach.

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