Tired of Your Porsche? Try an 18K Diamond Rolex!

I haven’t had any great Porsche trade posts for a while. Today I came across an interesting one. A fella has what he claims is a $40,450 Rolex Presidential Day-Date in 18K gold he wants to trade for a Porsche 911 (or “911 Porsche” as he called it). Here’s the Craigslist ad:

I will trade my Rolex Presidental Day-Date Adjust, Self winding 18 Karat Solid Gold with Factory Rolex VVS1 Diamond Bezel and Rolex Factory set Diamond lugs on face of every hour. Saphire Crystal, original Leather Box and Replacement Cost print out of $40,450. I will trade for a 911 Porsche.

Any of our Porsche owners rather have a Rolex?


  1. porsche more fun but i guess you can’t bring it in a bar.

  2. Does that case come with it?

  3. While I’m a big fan of the Rolex Daytona, I would never consider trading my Porsche for one.

    In fact, the only way I will ever own a Daytona is when a Porsche sponsored by PorschePurist wins the 24 Hours Rolex Grand-Am at Daytona!!!! 🙂

  4. They’d be dumb if they did.

  5. i don’t think i’d trade my rolex for a porsche.

  6. can’t drive a rolex

  7. I know this question may be for current Porsche 911 owners but..No way, No how if i had 10 of them to spare!! 40 k for a watch. I can tell time with my free cell phone lol. I can get a lot of nice pre-owned 911 for 40 k in coin. 40 k spent on a watch gets you this ….occasionally…. “Nice watch” Cant even describe in words what you get out of 40 k in a 911 ..Do i need to? lol

  8. Sorry, would rather drive a ‘911 Porsche’ than wear a nice watch once in a while.

  9. Uhh… no.
    Plus those things are selling for a much heftier discount than Porsches these days. You know he’s going to want a “911 Porsche” that’s worth $40k too, which is probably the insurance value of the watch – not what you can actually buy it for. The platinum + diamond ones online can be up in the $40k range, but for anything gold you’re looking at ~50% less than that. Here are a few examples:


    And those are from watch dealers – not individual sellers – which means they are going to sell for a premium over what this guy could get. Maybe he gets a sucker.

  10. I would love to be a fly on the wall at that trade, when the Rolex is delivered. One guy gets a beautiful German precision, and the other guy gets a kick butt rolex from Mexico. Yeah baby its gold, faux gold.

  11. Thankyou for those links Andrew, I wonder how the retail v our price is so different…Those seem like bargains, not that I have the funds or the interest

  12. non-essentials(jewelry) are the first thing to drop in a down economy.

  13. Not from 27 to 8!!!

    I wish a B&O tv set would drop that much…now thats something I could use

  14. I love watches- have a lot of them- but I would NEVER trade my porsche (if I had one) for a watch!

  15. mitchell says

    i would rather have/keep a porsche (even a boxter, lol)

  16. what i cant stand is when a porsche owner wears a timex. not classy

  17. @ maria . exactly, A watch is non essential, A 911 IS! 🙂

  18. Does the watch come with a Turbo package?

  19. You are right Brad, the thing I have heard lately that the younger generation doesn’t wear a watch because they just use their cell phone. Although a watch can be a nice piece of jewelry or accessory it is becoming less common. I have several watches and haven’t worn them for almost a year. Watch values will continue to decline unfortunately.

  20. Kathy, any ideas why watches can be marked down so much? I was always under the impression some people purchased them as they held their value…sort of an investment in a hard asset?

  21. Yeah Russ – I was also using Google Shopping which has a tendency to find bargains (low prices). The difference in price is probably due to the condition of the watches and other Rolex-specific factors that I am unfamiliar with. Still, I think we’re all in agreement that trading any good condition 911 for this watch would be a bad swap.

  22. if you’ve got a rolex they aren’t going to go down in value like a auto would. usually they hold value or increase

  23. I have a vintage 1980’s mickey mouse watch, anyone want to swap me with their porsche? how about a chevy?

  24. Really James? I mean really?
    We’re talking a Porsche for a watch here. Of course if it were a Patek Phillippe Platinum World Time circa 1939 or their Model 2499 First Series then I think we could talk. 🙂

  25. @ andrew. there is a story of why i wouldn’t trade my rolex for a porsche. i bought it the day my grandpa passed away, there’s really nothing i’d trade for it.

  26. @ ryan that would be a yes. i’ll show you someday, maybe when you hand me the keys to the 911

  27. the owner of the watch is going to end up with a 914 or a 928

  28. @ James, I have a rolex..1:18 th scale lol

  29. @ brad. is everything you have 1:18th scale?

  30. jewelry is marked up(the key)many,many times what the store pays for it.they say they do this because it can sit around for a long time without being sold.

  31. @James, No, some 1:24 th . But really no Rolex ..models or real, silly(stupid) humor of mine 🙂

  32. yes maria jewelry is marked up many many times. if it wasn’t marked up the owners wouldn’t make money off their investment. it’s the same as restaurants marking up the price of soda, fish, steaks, etc.

  33. @Brad – That’s what she said. 🙂

  34. @ andrew and brad, i was wondering if somebody would say that to brad!!

  35. I realize I’m a bit late in getting to this post but how could one favor a watch, albeit a Rolex, for a 911. Just doesn’t make sense to me. If i need the time I look at my iPhone!!

  36. @ Andrew and James…that flew over my head!. gearhead 🙂


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