Ramblings: Porsche Assumptions

I wouldn’t say I’m a student of human behavior by any means, but I am often mesmerized by how the general populous thinks and acts at times. The way companies study us to get us to buy things, think a certain way about products, feel a certain way about ourselves, etc. The root of it […]

Through The Eyes Of A Porsche Addict

A few nights ago, I was sitting at home, a little bored. It was nearing 10pm and I decided we needed to do something spontaneous. I loaded the family up in the car and set out to do something I used to do at least three or four times a week for most of my […]

HIGH Mileage Porsche 911

Dwight over at Carsinpedia.com? (a site you should check out if you haven’t already) sent me a link to a Porsche 911 up for sale on Pelican Parts he found recently. It’s a 1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (964). Here’s the thing, it’s got 521,000 miles on it! Sure it’s had a majority of it’s […]

Couple of Great Posts on PorschePurist.com

There are a handful of Porsche related web sites that I read on a regular basis. The rest I could take or leave. PorschePurist.com is one of the few that I try and follow regularly. While out there a few weeks ago, I ran across a couple of posts I found particularly interesting that I […]

Porsche Leipzig Live Webcam

I came across this somewhere a month or so ago. Porsche has set up a live webcam aimed at the Porsche Customer Center with a stretch of the Porsche circuit behind it. A novelty, but pretty cool. I’ve already hit it a few times over the last day. Refreshes every 5 minutes, so you can […]

SUV Poll Results

This one has been up for a while, so we got more opinions than normal, but here are the official results: Should the term “truck” also apply to SUVs? * Yep: 21% (50) * Nope: 38% (92) * Come on, let’s focus on Porsche CARS here!: 41% (98) Total Votes : 240 Personally, I feel […]

Great Time To Be A Porsche Executive

I was reading a press release this weekend from late last week about Wolfgang Hatz replacing Wolfgang Dürheimer as the head of Research and Development at Porsche. What I found interesting was where the outgoing leader of R&D was headed. Dürheimer will take over as Chairman of the Executive Board of Bentley Motors in addition […]

Porsche DNA Teaser Video & Web Special

This is a teaser video for the Porsche DNA site. Short, but sweet, although most of the footage we’ve seen in other Porsche videos. Just never gets old though. To go along with it, check out the Porsche DNA web special. It’s not new, but I hadn’t been out there yet. I love the loading […]

Porsche Pumpkin Carving Secrets At PorschePurist.com

I came across a great post on PorschePurist.com this past week titled 10 Tips to Carve Your Own Porsche Pumpkin. To be honest, I don’t think I have the patience or skill to do something amazing like this. I can barely eek out the triangle eyes and nose and a mouth with a few teeth. […]

Decked Out Factory Customized Porsche Boxster S

I could spend all day messing around on the Porsche.com site and various mini-sites they have available. Turns out I’m not the only one. Nick, one of our younger PorschePerfect.com readers, sent me an email a few days ago after a little time wasting of his own. He started messing around with the Porsche Boxster […]