Decked Out Factory Customized Porsche Boxster S

I could spend all day messing around on the site and various mini-sites they have available. Turns out I’m not the only one. Nick, one of our younger readers, sent me an email a few days ago after a little time wasting of his own.

He started messing around with the Porsche Boxster and ended up adding options until he had this entry level Porsche starting at $58,000 up to a decked out $128,340 pimp daddy ride! Here’s a picture of the inside and outside of his customized Boxster S:

porsche boxster s

I’ve done this same thing in the past with 911s and other cars. It’s pretty fun trying to figure out the most expensive combination of options on the various cars. I have to say I love the look of this car and would proudly drive this Boxster S.

In case you haven’t experienced this for yourself, you can check it out here: Porsche USA. Once there, select one of the Porsche models, then click the Build Your Porsche button.

And ENJOY!!!



  1. The site is awesome and I have spent more than a few hours creating and dreaming about my perfect Porsche.

  2. Another site to procrastinate on instead of getting work done :d

  3. Nice posting ……….