Great Time To Be A Porsche Executive

I was reading a press release this weekend from late last week about Wolfgang Hatz replacing Wolfgang Dürheimer as the head of Research and Development at Porsche. What I found interesting was where the outgoing leader of R&D was headed. Dürheimer will take over as Chairman of the Executive Board of Bentley Motors in addition to being named President and CEO of Bugatti S.A., but the fun doesn’t stop there. He will ALSO serve as the Motorsport Director for the Volkswagen Group.

That’s a heck of a a string of simultaneous job titles!

Made me think about what a huge wealth of opportunities the merger with Volkswagen has opened up for Porsche employees and more specifically its executive team. This is the third or fourth executive, that we know about, who has moved on to “bigger and better” things over the last year. I suppose it speaks highly of the talent Porsche has cultivated in its executive pool over the years. Hopefully it’s not all robbed for the mother company.

Is the move for Dürheimer a move to better things? That’s tough to say. Porsche die hards will probably say no, but in reality, it at least sounds more impressive.

That and two bits will buy you a cup of coffee as my dad likes to say.

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  1. If the company car is a Veyron……

  2. Nick Pisano says

    My dream job!