Gemballa: Super Tuner for the Porsche Stars

I’m continually amazed at what people will spend on a car like a brand new Porsche, only to dump sometimes 2x or 3x more into customizing the car. I haven’t ever really gotten into the gross excess that a lot of tuners tend to bolt on to cars to justify the outrageous prices they charge. However, over the years, I have found a few tuners that have grown on a me a bit.

In honor of some of these long-standing Porsche artists (pronounced arrrteeests), I thought I’d do a little 7 Days of Porsche Tuners series. Nothing super formal other than some great pics, some outrageous cars, and more money represented than many of us will see in our lifetimes.

We’re kicking things off with one of my favorite (although a bit controversially within my own mind) tuners of all time: Gemballa

Located just 20 km from the Porsche factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Uwe Gemballa started making dreams come true about 27 years ago. From the company’s web site:

Forty handpicked specialists apply themselves with the utmost dedication to increasing the performance of what is already a highly potent sports car. But they also place enormous emphasis on the smallest details. In a small, almost clinically pure atmosphere, handmade sports cars of the absolute highest calibre are produced in small series. Running gear, engine, aerodynamics and cockpit are formed to create a single entity, which makes driving a Gemballa an utterly groundbreaking automotive experience.

I remember Gemballa Porsches being some of the most outrageous designs both inside and out when I was a kid. To this day, the Avalanche and Mirage remain two of the wildest customized Porsches you can buy. One of the things I’ve noticed consistently about Gemballa over the years is their attention to the interior details of the car. They have done some of the craziest interior treatments I’ve ever seen on a Porsche.

Gemballa offers a number of different accessories, customized body kits and performance enhancing modifications for a broad range of Porsche cars. They also have 3 Gemballa supercars, the Avalanche, Mirage GT and GT Aero 3 which are based on the 911, Carrera GT and Cayenne. These supercars are what Gemballa is most known for.

Prices for Gemballa enhancements range from the thousands for “minor” improvements to the hundreds of thousands for a supercar like the Avalanche GTR 650.

Check out the Gemballa Web Site at: Also, you have to check out the engine sounds from the avalanche. You can find it on the site or click this link to play it directly: Avalanche Sounds



  1. I do not understand how these people get this kind of disposable income! I have to save up just to get new license plate frames. Now I feel sad.

  2. Some of the Gemballa cars are over the top, but some are so awesome I would be happy to drive them anytime.

  3. i listened to the sound link and i wish i could download the engine sounds to my ipod

  4. the rear end of the first car you have pictured just makes me shake my head

  5. gemballa hands down makes the best customization on Porsches.

    Very popular in the ME

  6. ME = Middle East?

  7. well jeff even if they are over the top would you still drive one or just forgo the opportunity?

  8. I didnt think the Carrera GT could get anymore stunning looking….wrong! awesome!

  9. I have always liked Gemballa. Other porsche tuners like techart do a great job too, but gemballa has always been my favorite. Look at that Cayenne, it almost doesn’t look like a family car by porsche. It looks more like something i would actually drive. (not dising the Cayenne, it just isnt my favorite) And that GTR… wow

  10. I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to drive one, that is for sure.

  11. really?? does a carrera gt really need to be tuned?

  12. Gemballa is an amazing tuning company, I love the GTR 600! Im really liking the colors in these pictures.

  13. mitchell says

    i have a hard time reading about porsches with all the cool pics.
    i dont really care much about tuners – i just love the look and the power. haha

  14. The GTR 600 acceleration would snap your neck.

  15. If I only had the income to purchase one of these.

  16. Win I hit the lottery ….. these are all mine!

  17. I plan to download as much as I can

  18. Another post i cant help but come back to! That Orange Mirage GT…Sick awesome!

  19. anything can get better.

  20. no boxsters?

  21. GT is hard to beat.

  22. i’m liking the black GT. it’s got that stealth look

  23. Yeah why no Boxsters? Its a perfect candidate to get some help in the horsepower department.

  24. Yes, a new Porsche is expensive and I know most of us can’t afford, but if you have the money …… why not add a few more thousands to “trick” it out?

  25. do a nice job without going overboard.

  26. I agree, you can spend TOO much “tricking” out your Porsche and then it will look like crap! Simplicity is the best!

  27. really getting to like orange cars.

  28. Wow, I can only dream of owning one like these

  29. also like the matte look on 911.

  30. Maria, I agree with your matte comment

  31. I’m not too fond of the orange colored car. The car is great, but I don’t like the color.

  32. lambos have always come in wild colors.nothing wrong with trying something different.

  33. But orange????? Sorry, but it just reminds me of a pumpkin.

  34. Galen Wood says

    looks like a gator fan’s car, with the blue lights and orange exterior.

  35. Laura Adams says

    I love the orange lambo! Different strokes as they say.

  36. Kristina Brown says

    I’d love to find myself in the cockpit of a Gemballa!

  37. I want to thank everyone for thier comments, questions and insight. I have learned much, thank you!

  38. Laura Adams says

    I can’t imagine anything needing changed on a Porsche.

  39. ludwig heimrath says

    loking for exhaustsystem for 996 turbo


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