Giveaway Porsche Upgrades???

If you’re the lucky winner of our Porsche Giveaway, you may want to consider some upgrades to your new-to-you Porsche. It’s likely that SpeedART will have just what you’re looking for. The picture at the top of this post is an upgraded 996 applying a few body upgrades and new wheels that pretty significantly changes the look of the car.

I came across SpeedART last month when I was doing the 7 Days of Porsche Tuners series last month. They have some pretty cool creations and one of the best car/model selection web pages of any of the tuners sites I’ve been to. It’s not super crazy, just well laid out and nice to see the models and a sample all on one screen.

The company doesn’t have too much history up on the site, but I was able to piece together a little bit. Founded in 1999 and headed up by Bjorn Striening, they’re located, appropriately enough, in Stuttgart. They provide exclusive conversions and individual tuning for Porsche. Either for racetrack or for street use.

“Carpe Viam” meaning Seize the Road is as close to a motto as I could find on their site. It seems their specialty lies not only in customizations for the wealthy or those wanting something unique, but for those with racing passions. They have a bunch of actual laptimes and “test victories” on different tracks as proof of their racing capabilities.

SpeedART offers some pretty extensive tuning programs for virtually all Porsche models. As an example, check out some of what’s in their kit for the 911 997 GT2 (the BTR-XS 650):

  • Bi-Turbo Racer engine producing 650 hp
  • 0-62 in 3.3 seconds, top speed of around 213 mph
  • Titanium headers, bigger intercoolers and sport air filter
  • Sport exhaust with sport catalysts made of titanium and a switch control (that’s freakin cool!)
  • Race brake pads
  • Modular 20″ wheels

That’s pretty significantly increasing performance on an already kick butt car. Here’s a sample of the SpeedART kit for the 997 GT2 and one of their Boxster kits:

Check out for more pictures, more details and dream fodder:



  1. actually ryan i’ve already looked into some upgrades for the car. one thing would be the lights, to me it looks like the design of the lights changed after ’99 for the 996’s. the ’99 lights look alot like the boxster lights. i’ve looked into some different exhaust options too.

  2. Thanks for the link. I’ve bookmarked it so it will be handy when I win!

  3. Thanks James, we appreciate that! I think the Giveaway Porsche would be great as is, but it sure would be fun to do a little tuning and make it your own unique creation.

  4. i’m so glad ryan volunteered me to trick out the 911. i’ll have a fun time doing it

  5. The SpeedART 997 GT2 is going to be my new desktop background. Gorgeous!

  6. nice aftermarket details

  7. mitchell says

    im not picky – i’ll take it any way it comes.. 🙂

  8. Unfortunately reality is far from the image of Speeart.
    Poor quality of parts (defective rims, noisy exhaust and parts that don’t adapt to the car). Besides no customer service after they cashed in your money. The Boss Striening cares only about making more profit.
    They won’t last long!

  9. Phil Schneider says

    what a great feeling it would be to win this
    contest and then start researching performance
    goodies for your new Porsche.