Gemballa Goodness

I was on the Gemballa press site today and ran across a bunch of Gemballa pictures from years gone by. A number of them are creations from the 80’s. These are too good not to post.

Many of you will not like any of these cars, and that’s okay. If you had to choose one, though, which would you choose? For me it’d be that black 1985 Avalanche. Those were such wild cars in their day. Heck, even for today!

For those of you not familiar with Gemballa, here is a post I did on them last year: Gemballa: Super Tuner for the Porsche Stars. Good primer on what they’re about.



  1. That shop is asome!

  2. Many of those cars remind me of the Miami Vice era. I generally prefer the clean look of a factory Porsche, as I think that they keep their classic good looks over time.

  3. Those cars would look good on the track or in Miami, but other than that they would stick out like a sore thumb.

  4. Back in the eighties it seemed like every car calender had a red or white Gemballa Avalanch on them. I agree with Steve most are over done.