Couple of Great Posts on

There are a handful of Porsche related web sites that I read on a regular basis. The rest I could take or leave. is one of the few that I try and follow regularly. While out there a few weeks ago, I ran across a couple of posts I found particularly interesting that I thought I’d share here. Maybe they’ll be the taste of the site that gets you hooked as it has me.

The first is How to buy a Lamborghini on a used Porsche budget. This may seem really out of place, but you have to check out the details of this post and additional picture they have up on the site. Here’s one I snagged from the site to give you a taste:

Get this…this car started life as a 2000 Porsche Boxster S! Sounds crazy, I know. Check out the full post along with some details and another picture at the link above.

The second post is one that completely caught me off guard. Yes, even more so than the Porschini. It was We travel to Dubai to test the new Michelin Pilot Super Sport. The reason this caught my attention was the first photograph:

Holy crap…and you can barely make out the Porsches clear down at the end of the row. The fact that Michelin called up the people at Porsche Purist and asked them to come to an all expenses paid event in Dubai really got me to dreaming. Course I have no expectation that would ever happen to me, but a fella can dream can’t he?!

Definitely worth the read and some great pictures of the event.


  1. Wow!really a ultimate cars show room here with have new looks.
    I think that Michelin’s motto has always been to never compromise on safety, longevity and fuel efficiency.It is really nice post.

  2. Nice photos. I hadn’t seen a Porschini before.