SUV Poll Results

This one has been up for a while, so we got more opinions than normal, but here are the official results:

Should the term “truck” also apply to SUVs?

* Yep: 21% (50)
* Nope: 38% (92)
* Come on, let’s focus on Porsche CARS here!: 41% (98)

Total Votes : 240

Personally, I feel a bit victorious here. Throw out all the indecisive answers and clearly a Porsche Cayenne should NOT be referred to as a “truck”!


  1. I was actually just thinking about this the other day when I referred to my Tahoe as a “truck”. I suppose I could have said “SUV” but I think that “truck” is more fitting than “car” (which I hear SUV’s referred to as all the time – as in, “It’s in my car.”).

  2. My colleague always refers his 2wd explorer as his ‘truck’. He is so proud of it, and always tries to bring it into any conversation.

    Sad thing is, he paid $25K for that pile of turd.