Happy Thanksgiving From Autobahn Bound!

Every year around Thanksgiving time, I set out trying to find a picture of a sports car with a turkey on it. I’d take pretty much any European car and even a cooked turkey in the passenger seat!

Heck, this year I even lowered my standards to the point of looking for a bottle of Wild Turkey anywhere in the vicinity of an exotic sports car (thankfully I couldn’t find any).

I came up short.

So…you’ll have to settle for the only picture I come across each year, which is wild turkeys attacking a Porsche 911. You can see the video in my post a couple of years ago here: Wild Turkeys Attack Porsche 911.

I want to thank those of you who read Autobahn Bound. I’ve had a lot of fun over the years putting together posts, getting to know some of you and giving away cool stuff like a Porsche 911 (Sad Day For Me…Great Day For Jeff). I’ve got plenty of ideas in the hopper and a shelf full of stuff to give away. I hope to enjoy many years to come of Exotic Car fun!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!