Sad Day For Me…Great Day For Jeff


Today was the BIG Porsche Giveaway day. I have to say, I had mixed emotions giving away my first Porsche. Part of me was of course sad, but another part was thrilled to have it go to someone who’s been involved in the blog, never owned a Porsche and always dreamed of having one. One of the coolest things is after Jeff and his fiancé left, we all felt really good about who the car went to. It was a great experience. I know Jeff will love owning it and drive the crap out of it with lots of fun and excitement along the way.


We’ve got a video coming (you didn’t expect any less out of us did you?), but I wanted to at least get a few pictures up on the blog. Thanks to everyone who took part in this giveaway and made it a blast to give away a Porsche!


  1. Didn’t we say “No Family Members Can Enter” in the rules? That dude looks like your brother.

  2. Very funny Paul, actually I have no known relations to Ryan…

    Man, that car is fun to drive. I drove it home and out to dinner and it was so much fun with the top down. Thanks to all of the great people at your company, who were so helpful. That was the first time I have driven a 911, although I have driven a 924 many years ago. I really appreciate winning the Giveaway Porsche and appreciate Ryan for deciding to create this contest. I still feel like it is all a dream and can’t believe I have won a car and actually have it in my garage right now. Woohoo…

  3. Cool! I hope driving the crap out of it doesnt mean mild mannered looking Jeff here will be practicing holeshots and donuts 🙂

  4. Hey, congrats again Jeff. It’s tough to tell from the pics, but those don’t look like cargo shorts to me either. Sad.

  5. Hahaha are you guys twins?!

  6. Hey Jeff, Congratulations again I’m sure you’re having a blast.
    Ryan, now that you’ve given away your first Porsche what are you going to replace it with?

    • James, that’s a great question. I’ve been looking at a number of different cars. I think I’ll probably end up with a 70’s or 80’s 911. My end goal for a “next Porsche” is really a 78 or 79 930 Turbo. That may take a little time to find the right one though. I’ll likely end up with something in between. Possibly the next giveaway car??? Who knows.

  7. @ Andrew – I decided not to wear my cargo shorts because I didn’t want you all to think we were twins.

  8. Keep looking for that 930 Ryan. Not just because I have always loved the 930, but it sounds like it is one of your favorites too.

  9. @Jeff – that was probably a good call.

    ps – I don’t think you’ll be getting a tax return check this year. 🙂

  10. If the next giveaway car is a late 70`s 930…I`m definitely getting to work on figuring out how to cheat 🙂

  11. @Ryan, Yeah, so true, Considering all your past posts…. indicating your affection….YOU parting with a 70`s 930? Fat chance, You would be like the mechanic on seinfeld who kidnapped Jerry`s car lol

  12. Wow! So awesome!

    Congratulations Jeff!

  13. congrats again, Jeff!

  14. Congrats on the 911 man, can’t wait to see you driving that!