Happy Thanksgiving To All Our Fine PorschePerfect.com Readers!

Every year, usually on the morning of Thanksgiving, I wake up and think, “It would be cool to find a picture of a Porsche with a turkey in it.” The trek begins and I typically come up short. This year was slim pickins yet again, but I found a Porsche/turkey picture AND video this year. The video is actually pretty funny.

Let me just take a second to say Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great day with family and friends. Regardless of your plans, take a second to reflect on how much you have.

One thing on my list this year is all of you PorschePerfect.com readers. Thanks for reading my ramblings, and those of other Porsche fans, and sharing in the Porsche passion.


  1. Haha i love it!
    Happy Thanksgiving Ryan, I’m thankful for all the work you put into this website every day and giving us something to look forward to when we get up in the morning!



  1. […] So…you’ll have to settle for the only picture I come across each year, which is wild turkeys attacking a Porsche 911. You can see the video in my post a couple of years ago here: Wild Turkeys Attack Porsche 911. […]