Latest Porsche Museum Exhibit

Porsche 356A Ad Porsche Art

Leave it to Porsche to gather exhibits that intrigue, inspire and take you back to revisit some of the finest history any brand could ask for. The Porsche Museum recently announced they are preparing a new exhibit that will make it’s debut on September 4th.

On display for just two months is a collection of 40 posters and sales brochure artwork by Hanns Lohrer. Lohrer played a key role in shaping the brand’s image during the formative years of Porsche in the 50’s and 60’s. He helped Porsche create a positive and prestigious image during that time using every day items such as an elegant glove, a poodle (yes…a poodle!), and a hunting rifle. Not exactly what you’d expect by today’s standards of automotive advertising.

One of the poodle adorned ads, a Porsche poster from 1960, has a great caption: “I too, prefer Porsche.”


One area of the exhibit that seems particularly intriguing is a selection of victory posters by Hanns Lohrer. They’re laid out in a timeline capturing the sporting successes of Porsche at the end of each year represented.

My only regret with the exhibit is not living closer to the Porsche Museum to take it in. I love some of the old advertising and looking back on how the Porsche brand has developed it’s image. Great for reminiscing.

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