A Glimpse Into The Future Of Porsche Motorsports

This is a great video from the Porsche YouTube channel. Hartmut Kristen, head of Porsche Motorsport, gives some insight into where he sees the future of Porsche’s competition cars going, as well as answers the always interesting question of how much of the technology in the current Porsche race cars makes it into the production […]

Sad Ending For A Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Read a couple of different stories about what may have happened here. How this thing made it anywhere is beyond me. One person said they actually saw the curb this car smashed into. You would think this kind of damage would happen ON the track. Not sure where the pictures came from. If anyone knows, […]

Autocar Top 5 Road Tests Video (Including a Porsche!)

I came across this video today while looking at some other Porsche videos on YouTube. I love the idea of retesting cars to compare notes against the original review. Out of over 5,000 road tests, Autocar of course picked a Porsche 911 GT3 RS as one of the cars. Great video and some cool footage.