New Porsche Boxster Video

In this video, Hans-Jürgen Wöhler, Manager of the Boxster model line, describes some of the features and details of the coming Porsche Boxster. A great looking car that has developed nicely from it’s introduction!

Porsche Announces a Freshend Up Boxster

Porsche announced a new Porsche Boxster this week with some great photos and a few of the major changes noted in the press release. Most notable are a new lightweight body, completely revamped chassis and a wider track. They also outfitted the car with larger wheels. You can imagine how this will continue to improve […]

2013 Porsche Boxster Spy Shots

Car and Driver Magazine recently published spy shots of the 2013 Porsche Boxster. I like the Boxster, but I have to say, I really like the look of this new model. Definitely more 911-like and the open top lines are mighty sexy. A few details seem to be known such as 50 to 100 pounds […]

Weekly Porsche Wrap

Party ends early for a pair of teens – A couple of teenagers were headed to a party last week in daddy’s Porsche Boxster at 1:30am on a highway in Houston, Texas when another car began to frantically wave them down. Seems the back of the car was on fire. The teens pulled over and […]

What Do You Get When You Cross A Porsche Boxster With A Volkswagen Bug? Bugster

Ahhh, what people with too much time on their hands get themselves into. Although this would be better fit for a Volkswagen or Bug site, there are solid connections to Porsche making it fitting for PorschePerfect. It seems an Austrian man, Siegfried Rudolf, the owner of CarMaxx which specializes in restoring and customizing Porsche and […]

Another Porsche Boxster In The Wild

Paul snapped this picture while down in Cali earlier this week, Burbank to be exact. Can’t imagine this is much of a daily driver, but still, gotta love it! Maybe when the rain lets up, all those Porsche Boxster Spyder owners in Portland will start showing off their cars.

Some Of My Favorite Porsche Picture Entries

Our latest little giveaway just wrapped up and I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite pictures from the submissions. They were all great, by the way, so thanks to everyone who took the time to share. You can view them in the Photo Gallery here: Photos. I love this picture submitted by Ron […]

2012 Porsche Boxster S Black Edition

Two for one goodness today. Shortly after announcing the Porsche 911 Black Edition, they announced another black beauty. This time for the Boxster line. The Porsche Boxster S Black Edition is due out in the Spring as a 2012 model. Here are the feature highlights: 3.4 liter 6 cylinder engine with direct fuel injection 320 […]

Porsche Boxster Tops List of Cars That Won’t Die

A headline on caught my eye a few weeks ago. It said, “Porsche among road warriors that won’t die” and got me to thinking about Porsche and their reliability. The post was referring to a Forbes article which in turn referred to a Consumer Reports research report on reliability of different cars. Consumer Reports […]

Porsche Boxster Tent Conversion

Paul sent me a link to this picture this morning. Here’s a great solution to all you Pontiac Aztek fans out there who have resigned yourselves to attempted happiness driving a Porsche Boxster. Finally a company has come to your rescue! Sadly, someone will probably try to produce such a thing.