Porsche Boxster Tops List of Cars That Won’t Die

A headline on MSNBC.com caught my eye a few weeks ago. It said, “Porsche among road warriors that won’t die” and got me to thinking about Porsche and their reliability. The post was referring to a Forbes article which in turn referred to a Consumer Reports research report on reliability of different cars.

Consumer Reports found that all of the cars and SUVs made by Porsche rated average or better in respect to longevity. The Porsche Boxster, however, rated top of the list in the report.

It’s not surprising, by any means. A good chunk of Porsche owners take extreme pride in their rides and thus take really good care of them, keeping up with maintenance and whatnot. As I continually look at used Porsches for sale on Craigslist, eBay and other places, I’m amazed at the number of high mileage cars that are in great condition…and holding strong on value.

There’s bargains to be had, for sure, but when you buy a Porsche, whether brand new, a few years old, or really old in car terms, you’re buying a vehicle with solid reliability that can be driven and enjoyed. Some TLC and you’re golden in most cases, provided you did your due diligence up front.

Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement for Porsche. Just proud of the car that grabbed my heart 25 years ago.

[Image: Porsche]


  1. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I am interested in what other cars are in the list.

  2. Good to hear about the Boxster. Have not posted here in ages but thought I would drop by to say that I traded in my Boxster last week. As one can imagine, it is a fun little car, but a car that is very tough to have as your only car. Add to the fact that I live in New England and this winter has been brutal. Would love to possibly get one in the future as a second car/weekend/summer car god willing. Anyways, I just bought a brand new Mercedes C300 4matic. Love it so far. A big upgrade from the previous body C class which I also owned at one point…


  1. […] Sure it's had a majority of it's mechanicals rebuilt or replaced over the years, but that is a heck of a lot of mileage for a Porsche. Helps bolster Consumer Reports putting the Porsche Boxster at the top it's list of cars with the most longevity (Porsche Boxster Tops List of Cars That Won't Die). […]