Porsche Boxster Tent Conversion

Paul sent me a link to this picture this morning. Here’s a great solution to all you Pontiac Aztek fans out there who have resigned yourselves to attempted happiness driving a Porsche Boxster. Finally a company has come to your rescue!

Sadly, someone will probably try to produce such a thing.


  1. where is the link so i can get one shipped out to me?

  2. Not really a huge fan of this modification…. just give me a stock Porsche and I’ll go camping in that, lol.


  3. why?

  4. I wonder what ever happened to the Aztek. Wonder if GM bought them back and sent them to a landfill.

  5. that’s Laurence Yap’s car (Manager, Public Relations at Porsche Cars Canada, Limited) His Journalist ‘s just having some fun…it’s a joke. Photoshop….not real.

  6. Thats funny, I can’t believe someone took the time to make that happen.