Porsche Every Day Site

porsche every day magic site

The caption on the site says it all: “Porsche. Engineered for Magic. Every day.” How true is that?!

I stumbled across the Porsche Every Day site a couple of days ago after watching a couple of cool new commercials they’ve been running on TV. The site is a collection of stories from Porsche owners and how the ways they find their Porsches magical every day. It looks like each of them have video of the owner included.

I found the site to be very intriguing and love the many different ways people find magic in their rides. My favorites are the ones involving driving their cars on a regular, even daily, basis.

Most interesting takeaway from the site is a random fact… 70% of every Porsche ever built are still on the road today.

Check out the site here: PorscheEveryDay.com.

[Source & Image: PorscheEveryDay.com]


  1. Hey Ryan,

    I’m a designer and this site was a recent project I worked on. Glad to read some positive reviews and hear people like you are liking it. I bet you and your readers have some great stories to contribute. We’d love to hear them.

    Have been reading Porsche Perfect for awhile now too. You always have great posts. Particularly like your tempting Porsche finds series.