Porsche Day at Allure Of The Automobile

Today was one heck of a great day in Portland. Not only was the sun shining, but over 70 Porsches showed up for the Allure of the Automobile’s Porsche Day. I’ve only been to about half of the Saturday showcase events each featuring different models, and this was the biggest turnout from the ones I’ve […]

Carsinpedia.com Photo Goodness

I always enjoy seeing what other Porsche, and even car, enthusiasts are posting about online. The magazine and portal destination sites are great, but some of my favorite sites to visit are the small ones run by people who just love cars. Carsinpedia.com is one of those sites. I’m on their update list and knew […]

Another Porsche Sponsored Giveaway

Porsche is pulling out all of the stops for their 60th Anniversary. They have now added another giveaway to the mix. Brad sent me this one…Thanks Brad! This time it’s an easy one that will only take you about 10 minutes to enter. You fill out a short form, then submit your Porsche story. In […]

Pictures From Limerock

James O ended up at Limerock a couple of weekends ago and came across some very cool Porsches. I love the yellow one. Thanks for sending them James!

Porsche At The Goodwood Festival

The cars in this video are amazing. I didn’t even know about the Goodwood Festival until last week. A heck of a range of cars giving a nice sample of Porsche’s heritage. A mini Porsche museum of sorts. Anyone hit this festival?

2010 Porsche Parade

Dwight over at Carsinpedia.com was fortunate to have made it to this year’s Porsche Parade in Chicago. It probably helps that it’s close to home! He was kind enough to send me links to two pages worth of pictures taken at the event. Here are a couple of my favorites: This is a Porsche 356 […]

“The Allure of the Automobile” Exhibition

I posted about this event a while back, but was sent the above video with some footage of the cars on display and thought it’d be worth sharing again. It looks like there are quite a few great cars at the event, but the two most noteworthy ones are the 1938/39 Porsche Type 64 and […]

PCA Members Can Race Against Legendary Hurley Haywood

I just got an announcement this morning that if you’re a PCA member, you can snag a spot to race against Hurley Haywood. No you won’t be on the real track, but you’ll have the next best thing. You can race him online tomorrow, March 31st, during a special event the PCA is putting on. […]

Porsche Winter Fantasy Camp

I have a confession to make. I’m sure it’s not going to surprise any other 911 owners out there. With all of the rain we get in the Northwest, it’s pretty common to have wet streets most of the winter. I have a buddy who used to have a 911, and he was a master […]