“The Allure of the Automobile” Exhibition

I posted about this event a while back, but was sent the above video with some footage of the cars on display and thought it’d be worth sharing again. It looks like there are quite a few great cars at the event, but the two most noteworthy ones are the 1938/39 Porsche Type 64 and the 1953 Porsche 550 LeMans coupe.

Both are historic icons in the Porsche world and this is a rare opportunity to see both in one place. In fact, seeing the Porsche Type 64 on U.S. soil (or any soil other than the German variety for that matter) is a first in the history of the car. The thing has never been outside of Germany.

I just informed my wife that we’re going to Atlanta before June 20th. I got an “okay”, so I’m making plans!

Here are a couple of pictures from the exhibit:

If you want to read the full press release, you can access the PDF here: Allure Of The Automobile. Also the museum site can be seen here: High.org.


  1. Awesome, I love displays like this. I went to the Ralph Lauren exhibit in Boston….jaw dropping. He had some Porsche representation (550 and a 959)

  2. Christophe says

    I was there!! Man, driving in that convoy sure was fun.

    • @Christophe – Seriously? That’s awesome. Have any pics from the event or from the museum that you’d like to share?

  3. Are they restoring the type 64, it seems that it is just the body.

  4. Christophe says

    Yes, I have pics. I just need to sort through them all LOL. I will email you a couple soon. I have pictures of each car on display!

    Oh, and here is another video:


    You can see me and my GF walking out of the museum at 2:18. hahah I am such a nerd.