“The Allure of the Automobile” Exhibition

I posted about this event a while back, but was sent the above video with some footage of the cars on display and thought it’d be worth sharing again. It looks like there are quite a few great cars at the event, but the two most noteworthy ones are the 1938/39 Porsche Type 64 and the 1953 Porsche 550 LeMans coupe.

Both are historic icons in the Porsche world and this is a rare opportunity to see both in one place. In fact, seeing the Porsche Type 64 on U.S. soil (or any soil other than the German variety for that matter) is a first in the history of the car. The thing has never been outside of Germany.

I just informed my wife that we’re going to Atlanta before June 20th. I got an “okay”, so I’m making plans!

Here are a couple of pictures from the exhibit:

If you want to read the full press release, you can access the PDF here: Allure Of The Automobile. Also the museum site can be seen here: High.org.


  1. Awesome, I love displays like this. I went to the Ralph Lauren exhibit in Boston….jaw dropping. He had some Porsche representation (550 and a 959)

  2. Christophe says

    I was there!! Man, driving in that convoy sure was fun.

  3. Are they restoring the type 64, it seems that it is just the body.

  4. Christophe says

    Yes, I have pics. I just need to sort through them all LOL. I will email you a couple soon. I have pictures of each car on display!

    Oh, and here is another video:


    You can see me and my GF walking out of the museum at 2:18. hahah I am such a nerd.

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