PCA Members Can Race Against Legendary Hurley Haywood

I just got an announcement this morning that if you’re a PCA member, you can snag a spot to race against Hurley Haywood. No you won’t be on the real track, but you’ll have the next best thing. You can race him online tomorrow, March 31st, during a special event the PCA is putting on. You’ll need an xBox and Need for Speed Shift. Of course you’ll also have to be online to take part.

The video above is a little promo video and you can see Hurley in action. Pretty cool little promo. I signed up and I’m sure I can take him!

Shoot me an email using the contact form if you’re a PCA member and want details,


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  1. […] yesterday that PCA members could sign up to race Hurley Haywood in Need For Speed Shift online (PCA Members Can Race Against Legendary Hurley Haywood). Today was the big day and even though I posted about it yesterday, I completely forgot to get the […]