Porsche Winter Fantasy Camp

I have a confession to make. I’m sure it’s not going to surprise any other 911 owners out there. With all of the rain we get in the Northwest, it’s pretty common to have wet streets most of the winter. I have a buddy who used to have a 911, and he was a master at getting the tail to wag out a bit when turning, especially after it had been raining. I confess I’ve been working on the move a bit myself.

I haven’t had any close calls or major spinouts. I only try it when I’ve got a nice wide street and no traffic or other cars around. The interesting thing is it has gotten me thinking about my driving abilities and how I can improve. Enter Porsche Camp4.

It’s not your typical driving school. Porsche Camp4 Colorado is based on the long running Camp4 program in Finland. Porsche essentially pulls out all of the stops and sets up a track circuit on a private 5-star mountain resort in Colorado. The circuit takes three months to construct with the end result being a lifesize winter wonderland for you and a group of Porsches.

The driving school sounds amazing. You can get the gist of it from the second video. The thing that is enticing to me is the level of skill you’d walk away with after learning on such extreme conditions. You would have a sense of exactly how the car would react and the effect (and consequences) of pushing your car in different scenarios. If you’re looking for something other than the typical driving school, this one would be tough to beat.

Here’s a great video from the passenger seat while driving around the track:

Here’s an extended video covering Camp4 Colorado Winter Driving School:

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  1. So when the Porsche is given away this summer does it come with a coupon good for free lesson once you have perfected the move?

  2. Well, I suppose I could show the lucky winner what I’ve learned and maybe give a couple of pointers. I don’t know that I want to be on the hook for the winner slamming the car into the curb though. 🙂

  3. Jeremy Green says

    I’ve slammed a car into a curb already. I wouldn’t blame you if it happened to me while driving a Porsche. It would be like a badge of honor for me.

  4. Ryan,
    Lets go to the camp this winter. It’ll be all on me.

  5. Now THAT’S my kind of comment! I’m in!

  6. is it next year yet??

  7. How come we had to get the ride along in the first video with the novice driver that spun out after 5 seconds. Pretty funny. I am sure it would be tougher than it looks though.

  8. snow and ice would be fun

  9. Phil Schneider says

    and lots of oversteer

  10. mitchell says

    1. i cant believe i havent heard of this before, since i live in colorado!

    2. it looks fun!

    3. i wonder if anyone has hit a rough patch and flipped one?

    4. i wonder how much abuse those cars take doing this day after day… because im sure they eventually get sold, and i doubt they are disclosing how they are being used.