Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here are some things I found interesting and/or entertaining from the last week: Electric Porsche conversions available from Florida company: EvPorsche I wouldn’t be surprised if 2009 is known as the “year of electric cars” as we see more and more of these conversion companies pop up in conjunction with manufacturers offering stock electric versions. […]

Merry Christmas!!!

I’m celebrating Christmas from sunny Mexico today, but I didn’t want that to stop us here at PorschePerfect.com from wishing you all a Merry Christmas! We hope today is a great day with family and friends for you. Here’s a few pictures that remind me of Christmas to enjoy today… The following picture is more […]

Daily Entertainment – Courtesy of Porsche.com

I’ve been stuck inside for several days now. We have snow all over the ground, that has since turned to icy slush, and now it’s snowing again. We Oregonians can live with rain for 100+ days straight, but a few flakes start to fall, heck even the mention of the word “snow” and we start […]

Ugly Porsche: 359

Yes, you read it correctly.  I used the word “ugly” next to Porsche AND yes, I meant to type 359.  I debated about whether or not to post this, but then decided I owe it to all of you, PorschePerfect.com’s fine readers, to share this finding, even if I think it’s uglier than a stock […]

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 4

Porsche never seemed like a car for the winter months, but I still see them at ski resorts and a few driving around all winter. Truly a daily driver.

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 3

Old cars, but I love the white cars set against the white winter day.  Reminds me of some Porsche marketing pictures from the mid-80s.

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 2

How about finding this parked in your driveway on Christmas Day!  I’m always a sucker for a nice car with a bow on it.

Porsche Christmas Spirit Booster – Day 1

Sometimes it takes a particular event, picture or experience to get me in the Christmas spirit. For instance, so far this year, it’s been pretty sunny and unseasonably warm outside in Oregon. It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas is only 20 days away. To help get me (and you!) in the mood, I thought I’d […]

Blue Sky…Blue Porsche

Daily Dose of Imagery has a great picture of a blue Porsche 911 set in a tropical scene. Always a bit inspiring, for what, I’m not sure…but inspiring nonetheless.