Daily Entertainment – Courtesy of Porsche.com

I’ve been stuck inside for several days now. We have snow all over the ground, that has since turned to icy slush, and now it’s snowing again. We Oregonians can live with rain for 100+ days straight, but a few flakes start to fall, heck even the mention of the word “snow” and we start clearing the shelves at the grocery store of everything edible and race home to hunker down like the end of the world will be arriving tomorrow.

I started looking for some new Porsche videos to watch to give me some “driving” pleasure without leaving the comfort and warmth of my chair. I ran across what Porsche.com is billing as Porsche Web Cinema. Here’s what they have to say about the “experience”:

In this completely immersive location on our website, we want you to interact with Porsche and enjoy all of the sites and sounds of the Porsche Experience.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well lower your expectations a couple of notches, get out the bifocals (the videos are small) and kill half an hour watching some decent videos.

Enter the Porsche Web Cinema HERE.


  1. ain’t nothing like the real thing baby…….

  2. help to get those youngsters away from th etuners!