Weekly Porsche Wrap

Here are some things I found interesting and/or entertaining from the last week:

Electric Porsche conversions available from Florida company: EvPorsche
I wouldn’t be surprised if 2009 is known as the “year of electric cars” as we see more and more of these conversion companies pop up in conjunction with manufacturers offering stock electric versions. EvPorsche also offers other conversions such as a 959 body on a 911 (I could go for that) and a Lamborghini Murcielago replica on a Porsche body with Porsche mechanics. Why???

From TrendHunter.com

Brooklyn Beckham’s Single-Seater Porsche Roadster
You know you’re bit by the Porsche bug (or simply have WAY too much money) when you buy your little kid a replica of daddy’s ride. Looks like this actually has a little diesel engine to power him around the drive way.

Image from SoleSirius.com

Porsche/Nike Air Max Light GT3 RS
Nike and Porsche came together to create a set of Air max lights for the Porsche racing pit team. How long before we start seeing Porsche shoes on Porsche Design or some other enterprising site?

From Silicon Alley Insider

Google Street View Catches Porsche Testing Secret New Models
I love to see how technology continues to change our lives not to mention some pictures of a couple of new models.


  1. Good question, why would you put a Lamboghini body on a porsche? You would be right no matter which way yo looked at it. the Lamb guys would hate you, the Porsche guys would hate you, youd be an outcast. As for the shoes… I like shoes. Are these Nikes going on the market, or are they just for the crew? Oh and that google stuff scares me. Anyone can see what my house looks like… I dont like it.

  2. Can’t wait until Porche offically unveals their new models!

  3. I wish they had little Porsche replicas like that when i was a kid. I liked my little red wagon but dare i compare? 🙂

  4. That Google Streetview sighting is hilarious. They’ve captured some pretty funny things w/ that camera-van — from prostitutes to kids falling off bikes. Pretty humorous really.

    Here are a few:

  5. streetview is great and this is the best thing i have seen on it.

  6. Andrew,

    Thanks for the link and my morning laugh.

  7. shoes are weird.

  8. streetview is great.can use it like a map,but you actually see landmarks before you get to them.

  9. Maria,

    I agree, the shoes are strange and I would never wear them.

  10. Susanna Phelps says

    Will Porsche be the 1st solar-powered vehicle?

  11. I believe solar powered cars are in the far future, but you’re probably right — Porsche will be the first.

  12. If they did build a solar power car, where would the soloar power cells be installed? It would be hard to produce a rag-top solar powered car.

  13. Is it true? The Porsche CEO is out, which makes way for a Porsche/VW merger?

  14. Laura Adams says

    I love the electric Porsche