Forget Stocks! Invest In A Classic Porsche Or Ferrari!

Being a guy who loves expensive cars, I’m always trying to come up with a way to justify owning more of them. The practical side of me (as well as the good old bank account) can’t justify just spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the latest super car, even if money were no object. I’m always looking for some kind of angle or way to reduce the cost of owning the best cars in the world.

Of course I was intrigued when I read the following blog post on Owning A Classic Ferrari Or Porsche Still Makes More Sense Than Stocks. Sweet! I found my justification!

The post had the following to say:

Investors in classic cars such as Ferraris and Porsches have earned strong returns when compared with putting faith in many equity markets…

The Historic Automobile Group’s indices of transactions showed that in the year to October, its HAGI Top index, its overall measure, rose 18.31 per cent…ahead of the S&P Global 1200 index of shares, up 10.86 per cent.

Certain marques of car have continued to put in a fast performance: the HAGI F index, measuring prices fetched for Ferraris, for example, is up 29.77 per cent between January this year and October; the HAGI P index for Porsche cars is up 14.79 per cent for the year so far.

Interest in such “real assets” has grown at a time when the appeal of some mainstream assets, such as bonds, cash and equities, has suffered since the 2008 financial crisis and due to concerns about inflation. [Source:]

I’ve often wondered if it were possible to drive a free Ferrari, or have cars you actually drive be decent investments, or at least ones you could enjoy while your money was parked somewhere.

I recently read a magazine article or blog post somewhere that talked about the top 10 Porsches to consider buying today that stand to appreciate in value in the coming years. The late 70’s 930 Turbos were on the list (I still would love to own a 1978 or 1979 930). I suppose something like that would come as close to a regular driver investment car as you’re going to get.

Of course I realize that buying cars as investments is not a simple endeavor, and that likely any serious investment car will be a garage queen, but you can’t blame a fella for dreaming.

I’m curious. Any readers have experience with buying cars as investments, or even have a solid track record of driving and enjoying exotic rides for breakeven costs?


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