Drive A Ferrari For Free (Or Close To It)

Ferrari 348 ts

It’s no secret I have a fascination with the idea of driving an exotic car for free. “Free Ferrari” just has such a great ring to it!

I wrote about an investment idea a few weeks ago (Forget Stocks! Invest In A Classic Porsche Or Ferrari!), and I swear I think about this topic at least 3 or 4 times a week. It’s bordering on becoming an obsession.

It doesn’t help when I come across posts like the one I bookmarked on a few months ago. It’s an older post, but the principle still applies. If you do your homework, persistently look for a good deal, and are just a little lucky, you can potentially drive a Ferrari for free. Or darn near.

The post reminded me of a book I picked up while researching a possible Ferrari 348 purchase (the one in the picture above actually). The book was Ferrari Life Buyers Portfolio. Not a huge in depth read, but had some good initial info and things to think about with each model and year.

Back to the post on, the writer maintains that Ferrari is one of the best to consider for embarking on the drive for free endeavor. He’s got some great tips and things to think about when selecting a model.

Check out the post here: How to own a Ferrari for free (almost). I reformatted the author’s chart here:

Ferrari Price Comparisons

I love coming across posts like that. They fuel dreams and encourage you to think outside the box, which can bring owning the exotic car you’ve always dreamed of one step closer!

[Image: Ryan Burglehaus]


  1. Thomas DePriest says

    If I had a chance to get to own a car like that or even drive one I would die a happy man lol to see my boys face to see his dad n something like that well that man that would be just great but dreams right