The Ultimate Find: 356 Roadster

Up on eBay is a 1960 Porsche 356 Roadster that had been parked in an airplane hangar in 1985 and left there for 24 years. The owner was 63 when he parked the car.

The car appears to be complete and original, although a build sheet will need to be obtained to verify that the numbers on the engine and transmission match the car.

Last I checked, the car was at $42,100 with 2 days to go on the auction. The reserve had not yet been met.

Can you imagine stumbling across something like this?!
[Via Bring A Trailer]


  1. it is actually one of my life goals to come across a vintage car or bicycle in a barn. i remember a couple of years ago there was an auction on two ferraris that had been found in an old barn and untouched. the price was ungodly high.

  2. That is amazing! It’s obviously going to take some work to get her road ready, but what a fun investment. I wonder what the story is with the old guy who abandoned her?

  3. Is that a trunk in the back of the car or one of those cool back seat compartments?

  4. Wow, what a classic! Porsches original automobile.

  5. i remember see one of these auctions on ebay a couple of years ago but it was for two ferraris from the 60’s that had been in a barn for ages. it is my life goal to come across a kick ass car in a barn that i can buy from the owner that has no clue whats going on

  6. i think something is wrong ryan. i posted the first message in the morning but when i checked back later today it said nothing had been posted. that’s why i had left a second message. feel free to delete one of them

    • @James…Nope, nothing’s wrong. All comments are being moderated now due to the link into the contest. On weekends they’ll likely only get checked once a day.

  7. Man, I was looking for my spelling error and couldn’t find it. I know it’s there.. It’s always there. Yes, I have a Masters Degree and I can’t spell. I am ashamed.

  8. I have always wondered what kind of things would be uncovered in random barns around the country. That could actually be a pretty entertaining road trip. Anyone want to take a month off?

  9. mitchell says

    so what did it go for? i dont think i could pay that much for something in that kind of condition – knowing id have to put 20k more into it (or more) for it to really be “worth” anything…

  10. Phil Schneider says

    I love hearing about these finds. I just hope that
    these cars are restored to their former beauty.

  11. where has the picture been made? I think I know, what happened to the car