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Safe & Sound in Your Porsche Boxster

Check out the mangled Porsche Boxster in the picture. The best part of this story, the two people inside the car walked away with only minor injuries! Evidently an elderly woman driving a mini van was turning onto the street the Boxster was on and failed to yield the right of way. Although the Boxster […]

Win My Porsche Giveaway 1 Month Review & Gain 5 Entries

Today marks the end of the first month of our Porsche Giveaway. Although I’m pleased with the response so far, I’m a little surprised at the low number of entries. That bodes well for those of you who have already entered. For those who have entered often (you know who you are), you’ve got […]

Youth Take “Economic Stimulus” Into Their Own Hands

This is a pretty sad story. Right up there with the load of Porsches getting hit by a train and the fans finishing off the Porsche 911 that had caught on fire after a football game. It seems there is a movement against people who own nice German cars in Berlin. One gal returned from […]

For You Porsche 914 Lovers Out There

Maybe you like Porsche 914s or maybe you looking for a “starter” Porsche for your teenager who’s 16th birthday is coming up. Whatever the motivation, have we got a 914 for you! First of all, check out the title to this ad: 1970 Porsche Factory 914-6!!!!! – $29500 Of course anything with 5 exclamation marks […]

My Two Cents on Porsche Values

I was reading an issue of GT Purely Porsche Magazine on a flight recently and came across a letter written by a reader titled “Cost of Everything, Value of Nothing”. He talks about the downward spiral of car values and specifically Porsches latest involvement in that trend. Evidently there are people who actually believe (or […]

Porsche 924 with a Little Something “Extra”

If you’re looking for a Porsche with a little something “extra” in it, this 1977 Porsche 924 may be the car you’re looking for. Take a look at what extras it’s got…….nope, not under the hood……inside: Yep, garbage! If you’re trying to sell a car, even a beat to crap junker, why in the world […]

Overindulgent Dreaming

I had a few extra minutes this morning, so what do you think I did with them? Yep, that’s right…spent them on the site! I decided I’d try to see how expensive of a Porsche I could build out. Since the base price of the 911 is the highest, I started there. Within the […]

Cayenne Diesel Test Drive had an interesting write-up of their first test drive in a 2010 Porsche Cayenne Diesel. The opening paragraph in the article easily sums up the review: Trust us here; the much humbugged diesel era has arrived in Stuttgart and this 2010 Porsche Cayenne Diesel 3.0 TDI rips it up in worthy style. This is […]

Porsche Gemballa Avalanche Video

You may want to turn your speakers down a bit for this one, until the last few seconds of the video. Check out how the Porsche Gemballa Avalanche takes off. That’s where you’ll want to hear the video.

Weekly Porsche Wrap

5000 miles in a 2006 Porsche 997 – A couple of guys take a heck of a long trip in a 911. Makes for some interesting long term experiences in a pretty small car. The most amazing part was the mileage. [Via] New 911 GT3 to be revealed – Porsche has announced that it’s […]