Porsche Gemballa Avalanche Video

You may want to turn your speakers down a bit for this one, until the last few seconds of the video. Check out how the Porsche Gemballa Avalanche takes off. That’s where you’ll want to hear the video.


  1. Ha! That was just plain sick. Incredible acceleration.

  2. Very nice, how much?

    • Probably more than all of us combined have to spend. I think starting price is around $300k. Depends on options since it’s all custom work.

  3. Shoot, I am going to be auditioning to be on ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ next week. I’ll pay cash for that stuff.

  4. can somebody explain what Gemballa Avalanche means??

    • Gemballa is a customizer in Germany. High end would be an understatement. Avalanche is one of the models he’s been producing since I was a kid.

  5. Just watched it again.. Freaking amazing!!

  6. “A 600 hp (450 kW) car held the lap record for road cars at the Nürburgring in the late 1990s once, and again in 2001 when Wolfgang Kaufmann lowered it to 7:32,52 min. It was since beaten by a Porsche Carrera GT, by less than a second.”
    courtesy wikipedia.

  7. ok that helps. thanks guys

  8. mitchell says

    that was cool. ive always dreamt about having that kind of acceleration.