Safe & Sound in Your Porsche Boxster

Check out the mangled Porsche Boxster in the picture. The best part of this story, the two people inside the car walked away with only minor injuries!

Evidently an elderly woman driving a mini van was turning onto the street the Boxster was on and failed to yield the right of way. Although the Boxster driver swerved to avoid getting hit, he didn’t quite succeed and she slammed into the side of him.

Of course both passengers were wearing their seat belts which kept them in the car despite the top being down. I’m sure the side airbags didn’t hurt either.

This reminds me of an article I read a long time ago about some of the early safety tests Porsche used to do on their cars. They’d hoist the cars up, nose down, and drop them to simulate a front end collision.

Bottom line: not only are Porsches fun, they’re safe too!



  1. Check out the crumple zone on that boxster!

  2. Speaking of dropping cars, we had a group come to our high school and do that for a drunken driving talk. They hoisted a car way up and dropped it. It was awesome! And don’t drink and drive or they will hoist your car up and smash it.

  3. hey that’s not the give away car is it?

  4. jerermy, i think that WAS the give away car. now paul has to do some scrambling to get another

  5. one less boxter
    such an eyesore

  6. i agree with russ, when are they going to discontinue that car

  7. mitchell says

    maybe the van driver hit it on purpose for just that reason ,lol…

    im not much a fan of them either.

  8. Hey that’s not the give away car is it.xS

  9. Chances are if you’re buying a pre-owned Porsche, it will be your dream car. Sure there are those folk driving Porsches purely as a means of transport – they’ve got the money – they buy new – they keep the used Porsche market going for you!