Overindulgent Dreaming


I had a few extra minutes this morning, so what do you think I did with them? Yep, that’s right…spent them on the Porsche.com site! I decided I’d try to see how expensive of a Porsche I could build out.

Since the base price of the 911 is the highest, I started there. Within the 911 line, the base price of the 911 GT2 is WAY above the others, so that’s also a no brainer. A few clicks and half an hour later and voila! I have myself a sweet ride just the way I like it. Well, maybe not exactly how I’d like it since I basically took whatever options cost the most money.

Final Price (excluding tax, title, license, registration, options and destination charge of course!): $238,405.

I could only come up with about $44,000 worth of upgrades for a US destined vehicle. However the upgrades ended up being 3 pages long.

The cheapest option with a price attached to it: Key Pouch in Interior Color Leather – $95.

The most expensive option: Door and Rear Speakers in Leather – $2,570.

Altogether I came up with 62 options. Dumb, I know. But unlike a lot of things, I don’t want that half hour of my life back!

Here’s a link to my full list if you want to see it: Ultimate Porsche GT2 PDF or you can always build your own at Porsche.com.


  1. Defroster Air Vents in Leather – $365

    Ha! Now that’s luxury. It looks like you spent most of your money covering things in leather. Money well spent.

  2. And props to you for choosing a black exterior and mostly black (midnight blue) interior. That’s manly.

  3. i couldn’t tell you how many times i have done this too. i’ve never timed myself though so now knowing it takes up 30 minutes of my day i don’t think i’ll do it again

  4. Surely James you can sacrifice 30 minutes of sleep tonight in order to build a car that you will probably never be able to buy. (I don’t know maybe you can.. but I thought I’d play the odds on this one)

  5. Haha, I was just reading an article about how Porsche is know for its countless options and their uhh expensive options. Some of them are neat, others over the top. I wouldn’t mind driving the about though 😉

  6. joe i agree with you about some being over the top. when i’m designing a car and there are all those options i’m like “are you really serious?” but then if we didn’t have all those options we’d be mad that they didn’t have more

  7. I was mad that they didn’t have an option for leather covered dice for the rearview mirror. I just can’t even consider driving a car if it doesn’t have leather covered dice.

  8. Oh man, I had an awesome ‘Porsche Perfect’ encounter today at work. I came up to a table where there was a guy sitting by himself. He had a Porsche magazine with him so I asked him if he was a fan. He told me that he loved Porsche and had recently purchased an ’08 911 GT2. (He was obviously very wealthy) I asked him if he upgraded to the leather vent covers and he laughed.. he hadn’t. He did say that it took him about two months from the time he ordered the car til the day he actually got it. I told him that I was going to be a Porsche owner this summer when I won a free one off of autobahnbound.com. He asked a second time the address and appeared to be excited to check it out.. maybe we’ll see him here soon.

    What matters most is that he left a 20% tip. I love Porsche owners!!

  9. well jeremy good guess but i believe you’re wrong on this one. when i do spend my 30 minutes online to design mine and get it delivered i’ll give you a ride. sound ok??

  10. That is one sweet ride for the price of 238k. I would do it if money were no option.

  11. $238,405, It was all in fun until you accidently clicked “send order” button before checking bank account 🙂

  12. We may all have to chip in together to get one of those. Then take turns driving it.

  13. @Jeff W, perhaps we can ask Ryan how many members post here and times that by the cost of the car to see how long of a spin they all get 🙂

  14. Phil Schneider says

    ahh, to be rich

  15. mitchell says


    thats cool, ive done that before with models of vehicles i was looking to buy. its fun. it sure would be nice if money was no issue.