Interview With Dan Tsuchiya From eBay Motors

  I recently had the chance to interview Dan Tsuchiya, Sr. Business Development Manager at eBay Motors. Dan is a big Porsche enthusiast, and I love eBay Motors with it’s endless possibility of great deals to be had, so I was excited to get his take on a few things. What’s the best deal you’ve […] The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Most of you probably already know I’m a dreamer. I think you have to have big dreams to run an exotic car site centered around a marque like Porsche. When a site like comes around, it’s pretty easy to get caught up dreaming about the cars they have represented on the site. In fact, […]

4 VERY Nice Porsche 356’s Up For Sale

I ran across an auction site that has 4 VERY nice Porsche 356s coming up for auction soon. I had to share because these are beautiful cars. I grabbed a little bit of the description for each car from the auction site. You can see all 4 cars plus a couple of replicas at Worldwide […]

instaVIN Provides Easy Access To Accident History

A few weeks ago instaVIN contacted me about their new instant vehicle history access service. Sounded like CARFAX to me, but I figured I’d have a look anyway. After checking out the site, I have to say, I was impressed. instaVIN offers several valuable services that will help any of us when looking for that […]

Old Porsche Collection Being Sold?

I hadn’t been on in a while to look at Porsches for sale and decided to pop on today to see what was out there. I was surprised to find 3 912s for sale, all in Camas-Washougal Washington. 2 of the 3 pictures look like they were taken from the same spot. All 3 […]

“Have Porsche…Want To Trade?”

I must be a true Porsche fanatic, because I can’t imagine getting rid of ANY Porsche. I’ve already got a list of Porsches I’d like to own someday. As much as I think I’d just like to own one at a time, I think I’d probably end up being more of a collector sort because […]

Tempting Porsches #11

Time for a couple more Porsches that I would buy in a heartbeat (or maybe two or three at most) if I had the money. As always, I’m sure I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment with one of them since it’s a bit older and probably a bit on the rougher side (you […]

A Tale of Two Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspections

Everyone always says you should get an inspection done on any used Porsche you’re considering before buying. The car can be expensive to purchase and even more expensive to maintain, so why take chances. While looking for a Porsche a few months ago, I decided to take one of the cars I was considering in […]

Tempting Porsches #10

Tempting Porsche #1 I’ve always been a 944 fan. Probably because that’s the first Porsche I ever rode in and the first one I ever drove. So it won’t be a surprise that the first Tempting Porsche is a 944. But not just any 944, it’s a 944 Turbo S. This actually IS a rare […]

For You Porsche 914 Lovers Out There

Maybe you like Porsche 914s or maybe you looking for a “starter” Porsche for your teenager who’s 16th birthday is coming up. Whatever the motivation, have we got a 914 for you! First of all, check out the title to this ad: 1970 Porsche Factory 914-6!!!!! – $29500 Of course anything with 5 exclamation marks […]