Tempting Porsches #10

Tempting Porsche #1

I’ve always been a 944 fan. Probably because that’s the first Porsche I ever rode in and the first one I ever drove. So it won’t be a surprise that the first Tempting Porsche is a 944. But not just any 944, it’s a 944 Turbo S. This actually IS a rare car and has super low mileage. This thing is dang fast too.

From the ad:

Showroom Condition 1988 944 Porsche Turbo-S. This 951Limited Edition is very rare with all options.

HAS ONLY 22,171 Original Miles.

Price: $25,900

Although I don’t know that I’d actually spend $26k on a car like this, I don’t doubt that it’s worth it. Sure would be a fun car to have and would represent many great memories for me.

Tempting Porsche #2

I don’t know what it is about 944’s this time around, but both of these caught my attention. The Turbo S above would be a sweet car to have, but this straight 1986 944 Turbo would be a bit more daily driverish in my opinion. Not quite as special as the Turbo S. Plenty fast though. I love the look of this car and aside from maybe changing the wheels back to something more stock, this would be a great daily driver.

Check out the extensive ad:

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo
48,000 original miles
Always garaged
Original paint looks new (recently polished by Gran Prix Imports)
Interior is like new
Black on black w/ partial leather
930S steering wheel & elevated hub
Fikse 17” FM10 wheels, 8.5” front, 10” rear
Goodyear Eagle F1 tires, 225/45-17 front, 275/40-17 rear
Lindsey Racing 4” exhaust with Magnaflow muffler & Flowmaster Outlaw pre-muffler
Lindsey Racing dual-port wastegate & manual boost controller set to 15 PSI
Lindsey Racing billet bypass valve
Autothority Stage II chips
K&N air filter
VDO boost gauge
AutoMeter air/fuel gauge
Schnell short shift kit
968 caster blocks
Weltmeister sway bars, 28mm/22mm
Koni yellow adjustable shocks & struts
KLA strut tower brace
944 Turbo S Cup clutch disc
Spec Stage 1 lightweight pressure plate
PBR Metal Master brake pads
Custom front brake cooling system
ATE Super Blue racing brake fluid
Synthetic oil & OEM filters always
No oil leaks
Timing & balance belts replaced 15k miles ago
Service records
Original window sticker

This is one of the finest examples of the Porsche 951 you will find.
PCA member/enthusiast owned.
Tastefully modified & impeccably maintained.
This car needs nothing – just turn the key & have fun.
In its current state of tune I measured 0-60 in 5.2 & ¼ mile in 13.8 on a G-Tech.

I have parted out four 944 Turbos, so I have a ton of parts for this car, including some performance parts and the parts to return it to stock. I will give the buyer of this car a substantial discount on any or all of the parts.

Price: $15,900


  1. An ’88 with only 22,000 miles? Where the heck has this thing been. I wonder what the story is behind it.

  2. Of these two, I’ll take the black one please.

  3. Sweet rides. The person I take my car to at the auto body has a 944 and says it’s a tough car to maintain. Then again i guess any car thats 20+ years old would be…

  4. I as well am a sucker for a 944 S, It was the first Porsche I ever rode in. I remember in my last ride in it the clutch fell out. I’ll take a black one please.

  5. hands down on the black

  6. Nice cars. These cars are track stars! They have perfect weight distribution, they are extremely easy to drive fast and have an learning curve much easier then a 911 in terms of high-speed cornering.

    I haven’t owned one in a while, but maintenance wouldn’t scare me much as there are a ton of used parts out there and even better aftermarket. Also, the bang for buck quotient is so, so much cheaper with a turbo car.

    If you have ever tried to significantly boost hp on a 911 or an M3 or another normally aspirated performance car (350z, G35, Corvette), you know that it is crazy.

    I have been trying to negotiate (lowballing) on an E46 M3. The guy bought the car for 60k. He put 32k into it. Most of that was engine work (Brembo BBK and suspension goodies). Result for the formerly wealthy plumber: instead of the stock 333hp, he now has approximately 375hp. A 42hp increase. Divide $32,000 by 42. Ok…I’ll do it for you…approx. 750 per hp. I don’t know how you can get more expensive hp then this. I’m sure someone knows.

    My point…a nicely kept 951 is a very, very good used car bargain. Whether you want to track one or just drive one…it really is worth considering.

  7. The first stage of my winning ways is complete… I’m playing on Wheel of Fortune this Friday and will be driving a Porsche this summer!!

  8. Chilaquiles says

    The only thing tempting about a porsche is the thought of winning one on this website so that I can sell it and buy a BMW instead.

    I take that back (not really), there are two things tempting about poorshiz – Cayenne and Carrera. The names only. I like the taste of the pepper and I enjoyed Tia Carrere’s performance in the Wayne’s World movie at the time. I know Carrere isn’t Carrera, but I always pronounced it the same. Or was that the Cadillac Catera…

    You can hate me now.

    • That response made me laugh pretty hard. I’ve already talked to several people that wouldn’t keep the car if they won it. Keeping the car is not required to win it. Heck, if you win it, you can hand out bats in the parking lot and have everyone in my office go to town on it if you so desire.

  9. If I win this car.. I mean ‘when’ I win this car I am totally going to keep it and drive it with the top down all the time.. even in the rain.

  10. I vote for #2 as well.

  11. I like the 86, Beautiful and a driver!

  12. Phil Schneider says

    both cars look quite nice

  13. Phil Schneider says

    I guess I’d go with the second car

  14. mitchell says

    yeah, i like the 2nd car too

  15. The black one does look pretty nice from the side. Good deals.