Tempting Porsches #11

Time for a couple more Porsches that I would buy in a heartbeat (or maybe two or three at most) if I had the money. As always, I’m sure I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment with one of them since it’s a bit older and probably a bit on the rougher side (you might want to check out my
Pre-Purchase Inspection post if you consider the first Porsche below).

Tempting Porsche #1

This first Porsche will make all of the “purists” out there happy being that it’s an early 90’s air cooled model. It’s a black 1991 Carrera 2 Cabriolet. It’s got just over 97k miles on it. The one bummer is it’s a Tiptronic transmission. Sid’s cars (from Front Row Auto) tend to be a bit on the rough side, but if you’re careful, you can find some great deals from him.

One thing I’m not sure of is an older cabriolet. I’ve gotten kind of spoiled by the automatic, push button function of the later model cab tops. I do like the modern yet pre-996 look of the car though. Here’s a partial list of equipment:

– ABS (4-Wheel)
– Air Conditioning
– Alloy Wheels
– AM/FM Stereo
– Cassette
– Cruise Control
– Dual Front Air Bags
– Dual Power Seats
– Leather
– Power Door Locks
– Power Steering
– Power Windows

Price: $14,995

Tempting Porsche #2

The second is a bit off the beaten path from my usual picks for Tempting Porsches. It’s a 2007 Cayman with just 22k miles on it. This one is at Freeman Motor Company, one of my favorite dealerships in the area, and I’ve looked at this car first hand. It even still has the new car smell (now how can you put a price on that?!). Here’s a little more info from the ad:

One Owner, Factory Warranty, Navigation, Winter Package, Heated Leather, Xenon Lights, memory seat, home link.

This one really is a nice car, especially for a Cayman. Right at the sweet spot being 2 years old, low miles, and in near perfect condition. Also the blue is a nice deep color not really captured by the picture. You’re getting a lot of Porsche for the money.

Price: $34,995


  1. I like the Cayman, it’s going to outperform the boxster every way possible.

  2. ryan are you sure none of these are rare??

    • Good question James. At least none of them said “rare” in the ads. Thank goodness. I’m sure no one wants to hear me go off again about “rare”.

  3. i think the carrera 2 looks great except those wheels, never have been a fan of those

  4. Both of these cars look really tempting.
    Especially that second one which seems to be the definition of a recession special!

  5. Freeman’s new indoor showroom is so nice.
    I’m sure you’ve checked it out already Ryan, but this 911 is sweeeeeet. I know you and I don’t agree on paintjobs, but even you’ve gotta like this color.


  6. Any idea on what they use to bring out that new car smell? I’ve sat in some of their cars that were 5 years old w/ 70k miles on them and they had that new car smell. Especially the BMWs (maybe it’s just something w/ the Beemers?)

  7. The Cayman looks like the deal for me, Price leaves room to send it to your favorite tuner too! 🙂

  8. That Cayman is very nice

  9. I’ll take the second one please