Old Porsche Collection Being Sold?

I hadn’t been on Craigslist.com in a while to look at Porsches for sale and decided to pop on today to see what was out there. I was surprised to find 3 912s for sale, all in Camas-Washougal Washington. 2 of the 3 pictures look like they were taken from the same spot. All 3 ads were written similarly.

Nothing crazy about this, other than kind of sad to see someone possibly liquidating their collection.

Check out the 3 ads:

1967 Porsche 912 Coupe – $10,500

This car was originally sand beige, and a complete color change to light ivory was done in 1987. It does have a few small blemishes from 20 years of use, but still looks very, very nice. There are no apparent rust issues with this car. The interior was redone in 1997. The wool inserts are not factory correct, but they feel great and the overall fit and finish of the interior is exceptional. The car runs well, but the carbs pop occasionally; I assume that this is a tuning issue but it’s not enough of a nuisance for me to take the time to address. The car drives wonderfully. It is the quietest and smoothest 912 I’ve driven, a very civilized ride. My only complaint is that the seat recliners slip a notch every now and then. The wheels are genuine Fuchs 5.5″X15″. They are not correct for this car, but they’re in excellent condition and look very nice in the SWB wheel wells. If the buyer prefers a set of chrome steel wheels, I have a set that can replace the Fuchs and would discount the price accordingly. [Ad on Craigslist.com: 1967 Porsche 912 Coupe]

1969 Porsche 912 Targa – $18,500

A beautiful car in a rare color combination as it came from the factory. Matching numbers per the factory letter/cardex. It was restored in the early ’90s by a previous owner, and has been driven less than 20,000 miles since. Odometer currently shows 93xxx. At the time of restoration, it appears that all rust issues were addressed with the exception of the battery boxes. The car was repainted its original silver metallic, a special order color in 1969. The interior was also refurbished at that time in the original red leather. The only notable cosmetic deficiency is a result of aftermarket mirrors having been installed at one time; the mounting holes on the passenger side are still present. This car runs and drives very well. My only complaint is that the pedal cluster has a bit of play in it, not unusual for these cars and a fairly inexpensive repair. The car comes with the flat Fuchs as pictured. I can substitute the Fuchs with a set of very nice chrome steel wheels, although their dates are a bit early for the production date of this car. [Ad on Craigslist.com: 1969 Porsche 912 Targa]

1969 Porsche 912 Coupe – $13,500

A nice 912 that runs and drives very well. Repainted its original color of light ivory many years ago. Seats have been reupholstered in the original red color with correct corduroy inserts. If you’ve never sat in a Porsche with something other than a black interior, you’re in for a treat, as the red/black combination is stunning and really brightens up the cabin. The only apparent rust issue is a little spot at the lower front corner of the driver’s door; smaller than the nail on your pinky finger. It’s shown in one of the pictures below; I taped a penny next to it to show scale. It looked exactly like that when I bought the car in 2006 (without the penny!). The dash panel was replaced many years ago with a non-speaker version; it’s not original but looks better than a badly-cracked original piece. 14″ Fuchs, including the spare. I would classify this car as a very nice driver, with just a few small nicks here and there that aren’t really noticeable. About 10,000 miles on a complete engine rebuild by Small Car Performance in Tacoma in 2004. The car is licensed as a collector car in Washington State, with a date-correct license plate which stays with the car if it remains in Washington. [Ad on Craigslist.com: 1969 Porsche 912 Coupe]

As it turns out, all 3 are indeed owned by the same person. I guess I always expected when it came time for someone to sell more than a couple of cars, they’d go through an auction house or some specialized dealer rather than listing on Craigslist.com. Some decent drivable examples of older 911/912 models.

Be amazing to have the space, time, money, etc. to have a little collection of Porsches like this. I suppose that’s how large collections get started and marriages are ruined!


  1. i love the late 60`s early 70`s 911 Targas. Even though the color the 69 is in is rare,I would like to have the 69 Targa in ivory. Must be sad for the seller having to let these go, and probably in need of funds that he/she decided not to list the collection with an auction house and sell on his/her own. Thats the state of things sadly

  2. Now here we have the true poor mans Porsche. Never been a fan of the 4 banger in a 911. Power to weight just isn’t there.

    • im on my 11th porsche and the only one i had i did not like was the 66 911, to many problems.

  3. That is a nice little Targa that I wouldn’t mind having. Space and money is all it takes to own a little Porsche collection. I will be starting mine soon.

  4. I like the Targa. Great lines, especially on the back end.

  5. ryan,
    would any of these cars be considered “rare” in your opinion?

  6. If there is such a thing as a ‘run of the mill’ 912.

    There’s nothing run of the mill about these beauties. 30 Mpg.. they are an amazingly economic car even for todays standards.

  7. I think I saw that 912 coupe in venice a few days back, noise is rough 🙁

  8. ryan,
    for where i live i can’t recall seeing any targas of that vintage. i would surely not like to replace that rear window

    i would say 30 mpg is doing really well. what’ll be nice is when i win the 911 because my mpg will stay the same from what i’m driving right now, well that is unless i “really” drive the 911 like it was meant to be driven

  9. James, you will never ‘really’ drive the giveaway car because you will never even get the change to drive it… Unless you want to borrow it from me.

    It’s on!

  10. well, well, well of course you know this means WAR!!!!!!

    all i can say to you jeremy is keep dreaming! i’ve already got a storage unit lined up to store it in the winter. i’ll make a deal with you though. when i win it i’ll take you in a trip down highway 1 in california.

  11. If they weren’t more “run-of-the-mill” Porsches I bet you would go through an auction house or specialized dealer, but since there is nothing especially spectacular about these (other than being beautiful old Porsches, of course) then I think the craigslist is a good choice. We’re still talking about only $40k worth of cars here. Maybe it’s an estate sale (hopefully, rather than a financial matter). Selling them on craigslist will keep an auction house from wanting 5-10% of the cut on commission, and since they are more budget-friendly they should be able to move them on Clist.

  12. Once more Craigslist manages to make the headlines. A little mind shocking at just the kind of attention they get.

  13. jim fling says

    My first Porsche was a used (3 years old) European 1965 912. I drove it 150K miles and more. After 20 years driving British cars the Porsche was a real treat. I drove it camping, skiing, fishing cross country several times and used it as my everyday driver. After driving the car for 4 years and keeping fery carfull records of all expenses including gas and maint. and allowing for the differeence in bought price and sale price, the car cost 5 cents a mile to drive. This low number was due to low cost of upkeep and very good resale value.
    I replaced my trusty 912 with a 69 911 L Targa. It was a great car and I also dove it many miles but it was considerably more costly to drive. Great fun but a little spendy. 4 Porshes later, I still love the old 912.

  14. David Henley says

    I’ve owned my ’69 912 for a year now and it is a gas to drive. It corners tight, is quick off the mark and steers straight at 80mph. Its not Pebble Beach, but a real driver, economical and trouble free. My ego doesn’t need anything flashier than this sleek silver lwb coupe, shooting through CO mtn roads……….I have it for sale to make room for new projects @ 25K–worth every penny–all receipts of restoration and rebuild…….


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