Porsche 914 Goodness

Frank, one of our PorschePerfect.com readers, sent me a picture of his 1973 Porsche 914 a while back. I emailed him asking for more pictures and a little info on the car. Here’s what he sent: I have tons of pictures of it and I drive it constantly – just took it to Gainesville, normally […]

Porsche 914 Celebrity Race

I can’t remember who sent me this video, but it’s a cool little Porsche video starring the late Paul Newman. One of the funniest parts is when they show Wilt Chamberlain trying to get inside a 914.

Porsche 914 Video

For today’s video, I thought we’d reach back in time a bit and remember the beloved Porsche 914. The video is a bit shaky, and a little corny at the end, but this guy can’t stop smiling. It’s a great little reminder of how cool the 914 was, especially in it’s day. Kind of made […]

Porsche 914 Comeback???

I’ve heard rumblings (along with grumblings) about a possible comeback of the Porsche 914. And by comeback, I mean re-release. It kind of reminds me of the year we started seeing 280Z’s start to disappear. What I heard was that Nissan was buying them up to rebuild, then re-release. Kind of a cool concept although […]

For You Porsche 914 Lovers Out There

Maybe you like Porsche 914s or maybe you looking for a “starter” Porsche for your teenager who’s 16th birthday is coming up. Whatever the motivation, have we got a 914 for you! First of all, check out the title to this ad: 1970 Porsche Factory 914-6!!!!! – $29500 Of course anything with 5 exclamation marks […]