Porsche 914 Video

For today’s video, I thought we’d reach back in time a bit and remember the beloved Porsche 914. The video is a bit shaky, and a little corny at the end, but this guy can’t stop smiling. It’s a great little reminder of how cool the 914 was, especially in it’s day. Kind of made me want one.


  1. and a few years later, pontiac ripped it off and called it a fiero

  2. Interesting video, but I will have to pass on the 914. Never been my favorite.

  3. friend had one in college;cool little car.

  4. Are the comments doing crazy things (i.e. not showing up) for anyone else?

  5. corny at the end? yes.
    otherwise i really enjoyed learning a little more about this little car

  6. Hmm, I can’t see any video on the page?

  7. Great little video Ryan.

  8. andrew,
    ryan has to approve every single comment that is left, it seems like every post is now getting around 30 comments so it’s becoming time consuming for him. i remember “back in the day” when each post got about 4 comments. viewer-ship has sure gone up in the last 2 months

  9. fiero, lol thats funny. i saw one of these the other day and i couldnt remember what model it was. it always reminded me of an old euro-looking VW models from the 70s.. i cant think of the model right now.

  10. well i was thinking of the VW Karmann Ghia , thats the only i cant find (even though it doesnt seem that similar now)

  11. Ryan, you should also try to post a video like this of some guy who’s crazy in love with a 924. Not that this video changed my opinion about the 914, but it was good to see someone enthusiastic about that car….would like to see the same enthusiasm for the 924.

  12. For a little car, it sure has some great horsepower. I love the roar of the engine when he steps on it!

  13. I appreciate the 914! My neighbor 2 blocks over has a terrific red one he recently restored, If i can snap a pic i will!

  14. @Joe – are you trying to watch it at work? My work blocks all videos so I can’t view them until I get home.

  15. Jeremy, the 4 cylinder version of this car has crappy horsepower, but the car is light weight. It’s like driving an Alfa Romeo Spider, constantly shifting. The 6 cylinder had more torque, and was more fun to drive, and you didn’t have to shift as much.
    Translation: Based on cars you could buy in the 1970’s (like the much less expensive Datsun 240-z), this was a dog-turd w/ a Porsche emblem.

  16. my first sports car love in grade school.really liked it in green.

  17. just remember andrew life will go on if you don’t see the videos immediately. it took me a while to figure that out.

  18. Honda had a t-top car about 10 years ago that looked a lot like the 914, can’t remember the model name. total chick car. 🙂

  19. Thanks James. 🙂
    My comment was actually a response to Joe though. While initially I couldn’t comprehend how life could go on without my ability to watch up-to-the-minute video postings on PP I have since realized that it does.

  20. anyone know years 914 was produced?just curious.

  21. maria, I think he says in the video it was produced ’70 thru ’76

  22. Here you go Maria:

    Production 1969–1976
    118,978 produced
    914/4: 115,646
    914/6: 3,332

    From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_914

    A Porsche that is achievable (purchasable) for most.

  23. Pp,thanks for the update on this Porsche. Great info.

  24. andrew, just because it’s achievable / purchasable doesn’t make it desirable – just saying. 🙂

  25. thanks guys!appreciate your input.

  26. Touche r.b.

  27. @bookie, I believe you might mean the Del Sol ? I would much rather you compare it to an MR 2 lol

  28. the del sol, mr2 and 914 all have that same look…and don’t forget the original copy cat, the fiero

  29. @Brad, your Del Sol comment reminded me about my experience on the Autobahn in a buddy’s Del Sol. I wrote a little post about it here: