Porsche Cayman S over 300kmh

Before you watch this video, let me tell you really quick why I am posting this. When I lived in Germany, I had a friend who had just gotten a brand new Honda Del Sol. He and I both loved driving on the Autobahn. I never drove all that fast (translated much over 100mph) because I always had beat up old cars.

He decided one night that he wanted to take his Del Sol out on the Autobahn to see how fast he could get it up to. He wanted me to watch the speedometer while he watched the road. We got up to 130mph, which may not seem fast, but in a little two seater on a public road, it’s DANG FAST. Enter the video below.

Even though there isn’t much to the video, it reminded me of that night and even got my heart racing a bit. Whether the video is legit or not, it doesn’t matter. Crank up the sound a bit and focus on the shaking image. It will get your heart racing and be an exciting one minute ride.


  1. 130 in a del sol?? are you crazy?? you’ve got more guts than i do